SEOshop is committed to keeping our merchant up to date with the latest e-commerce market trends. In order to do so we organize regular webinars together with our partners on contemporary subjects. Below you can find a list of the planned webinars and view past webinars.

an on-line seminar, or webinar, is an on-line lecture or presentation that you can attend from any location via a laptop or PC with internet connection.

Webinar Agenda

No webinars planned in Englsih

Past webinars:

App Webinar: Run a multichannel business

App Webinar: Manage your own Loyalty Program

App Webinar: Using Justuno to increase e-mail subscribers, social fans and sales

Crossing Borders With Your Online Store

With greatcontent

How to sell more by optimising your conversion funnel

With Optimizely and Justuno

How to sell more by making your customers love you

With LoyaltyLion

How to build a community and make it work

With Yotpo and Give.it

How A/B Testing Can Help You Sell More

With Visual Website Optimizer