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  • Simple crediting of returns

We think you should be able to compete with the giants in e-commerce. So we are launching SEOshop Payments.

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SEOshop Payments is a disruptive product that shows the dedication to our customers. This places our merchants ahead of the competition both nationally and internationally.

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Payment method Fixed % Fixed % Fixed % Fixed %
iDeal Special price € 0,29 - € 0,25 - € 0,23 - € 0,19 -
Bancontact / Mister Cash € 0,28 1,2% € 0,24 1,2% € 0,22 1,2% € 0,19 1,2%
Creditcard € 0,25 2,2% € 0,25 2,0% € 0,20 1,8% € 0,15 1,8%
Sofort € 0,25 0,9% € 0,24 0,9% € 0,22 0,9% € 0,19 0,9%
Overboeking € 0,33 - € 0,29 - € 0,27 - € 0,19 -
BitCoin € 0,25 - € 0,25 - € 0,25 - € 0,19 -
PayPal + PayPal kosten € 0,10 - € 0,09 - € 0,07 - € 0,06 -
€5 per month subscription fee

SEOshop Payments

SEOshop Payments is a simple concept following the enormous increase in payment volume of our SEOshop merchants on our platform in recent years. This allows us to offer payments at a very low price by negotiating on our merchants’ behalf. When we combine this scale with synergy by working closely with a Payment Service Provider this results in a unique (‘below market’) price and additional functionalities.

Why is SEOshop doing this?

SEOshop feels very strongly about aiding merchants in becoming even more successful online. SEOshop Payments does this in classic SaaS-fashion: by collaborating with a large group all the individual merchants can benefit from the advantages of scale previously only attainable by the industry giants. Contributing to the margin and competitive success of our merchants, one order at a time!

What about my current payment methods?

Nothing will change for the merchants who are satisfied by their current Payment Method and Payment Service Providers. SEOshop has integrated 34 local and international PSPs which we will continue to update for you. SEOshop Payments aims to bring advantages to the merchants for those payment methods where both the merchant and end-consumer experience little difference in provider. Payment methods ready to disrupt!

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