Help build Europe’s fastest-growing e-commerce platform

Comprehensive API for developers and template editor for designers

Help build Europe’s fastest-growing e-commerce platform

Easily modify templates

As a designer, you want to have the freedom to fully modify templates. With SEOshop, besides being able to adjust the color scheme you also have full control of the HTML and CSS files. You can modify templates without worrying about the technical functionality of the platform. Let your creativity flow with SEOshop.

Making development fun again

Front-end development of your online store is easy with the handy HTML/CSS editor and the web developer toolbar. You have full control over the look-and-feel of the online store, and with the API you can even do programming work on our platform. In the meantime, we maintain the platform.

Sell your design in our Theme Store

Let our platform earn you some money by selling your templates in our Theme Store. You will receive a commission for every template that you sell through our Theme Store. This allows you to reach a new target group of no less than 5,500 online store operators.

Introducing SEOshop to your customers

SEOshop provides complete hosting, which means that you don’t need to worry about making backups, security updates or installing software. We do this for you so that you can focus on designing your online store. Allow us to provide the technology for your customers.

Make money from your application

Do you have experience in making connections between online stores and external software (such as accounting systems, e-mail platforms and CRM systems)? Then we would like to work with you. You can offer these applications for sale to over 2,500 customers in our App Store.

(Freelance) developers and designers take note!

Are you paying too much in overhead costs with open source? The SEOshop platform is cloud-based, which means that we can guarantee a superbly functioning platform. We provide all the tools you need to quickly get started, and you will receive a commission for every design or every app you sell.

Who are you? Discover what SEOshop has to offer you!