Is your online store bursting out of its seams? SEOshop grows with you!

More than 150 integrations, custom design, built-in CRM system and more

Is your online store bursting out of its seams? SEOshop grows with you!

More than one online store

When you choose SEOshop, you are choosing more than just an online store. You’re choosing an e-commerce platform with more than 150 integrations, including payment providers, comparison sites, customer review sites, statistics tools, social media and a built-in CRM system.

Completely customized designs

We work together with designers who have developed templates for companies like Philips and Pearl Music. Templates that not only look nice but also generate more sales. You thus benefit from the best e-commerce platform and the most effective designs in the market.

Orders, invoicing, inventory and returns

SEOshop shows you exactly which orders have been placed, which have been paid for and which have been shipped. And your inventory is continuously monitored. Even barcodes are no problem! And if your customers return an item, you can credit the amount (or a part thereof).

"We've been using SEOshop for about a year, and the website is running perfectly. SEOshop actively seizes on new developments, for example, with a Facebook shop and mobile integrations (iPhone/iPad, etc.). To our surprise, this also appears to generate new orders. SEOshop is ‘Always on the Move’. Your online store is always up-to-date on developments."

Alexander Van Linschoten -

Importing and exporting data

You can easily import and export data via XML and CSV files. This enables you to conveniently manage customer, order and inventory data and share these data with external software, like ERP and WMS software. This also means you always remain the owner of the data in your online store.

Programming our platform

Every online store operator is different, so you might have online store requirements that we cannot fulfill with one of our standard packages. That’s why the SEOshop platform has an API, so that programmers can program on our platform. This allows you to expand your online store according to your wishes.

Are you ready to switch to SEOshop?

Perhaps you’re still stuck in a contract with your current online store software supplier. Obviously, you don’t want to pay twice. With the SEOshop transfer model, you won’t pay any subscription costs until your subscription with your other supplier has expired. Start your 14 day demo now.

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