Efficient order and returns management

Manage orders, create tasks for yourself and connect your online store to external software

Efficient order and returns management

Efficient order processing

Simplify your daily tasks. The SEOshop platform has a comprehensive order dashboard where you can quickly and efficiently deliver orders, based on the needs of thousands of online store operators. Easily import several invoices or packing lists to a PDF file or modify the status of several orders. Packing lists and invoices are immediately provided with the shipping labels of all the customary shipping companies such as DHL, PostNL, bPost, GLS, DPD and Kiala. Even track-and-trace is possible. A better service starts with an efficient process.

Inventory management as you’ve never seen it

Nothing is more annoying than having to inform a customer that a certain product is not in stock. SEOshop has a comprehensive inventory system that you can count on. You simply configure inventory lines per product (variation). You can book inventory using barcodes and a Microsoft Excel® import function. The platform offers comprehensive options for synchronizing your inventory with several suppliers. The inventory management feature can be used by both drop shippers as well as retailers with an actual physical shop.

When your customers send something back

Efficient product returns management results in lower overhead and less depreciation. The platform enables your customers to pass on returns directly through your online store. This way you know which products are being returned before they come back to you. Use the returns dashboard to see the status of each return and change it, if necessary. As soon as the status has been changed, the customer will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. The returns management works together with tasks so that nothing escapes your attention.

Connecting to your accounting system

Nothing is easier than a fully integrated administration. SEOshop has various connections with accounting packages such as Reeleezee, Exact, Accountview, Snelstart and King. Reduce your accountancy costs and focus on your marketing for more sales.

Create tasks for yourself

Some returns cannot be processed immediately. That’s why the system allows you to send yourself a notification at a later date, so that you can process the return then. No more post-its all over the place! With the task management system, you will never forget anything and you will improve your customer service.

Your records are always close at hand

We will soon be launching a mobile app to enable you to manage your online store with your smartphone. You’ll be able to provide customer services from anywhere – even sitting on the train.

Unique customers deserve unique treatment

Because not all customers are the same, you can create customer groups in your online store, allowing you to offer unique offers and products. There is even a built-in CRM system. And if you want to manage your online store together with your colleagues, then you can add several users with various rights.

The added value of SEOshop

  • Check the status of your orders in one overview
  • Built-in barcode functions
  • VMaintain inventory per product or product variation (e.g., sizes, colours)
  • Synchronise your inventory with your suppliers
  • Connect to all customary accounting systems
  • Create tasks for yourself so you don’t forget anything
  • Comprehensive returns management
  • Soon: manage your webshop with your smartphone