Good marketing is the basis for your success

Your online store abounds with the best marketing tools

Good marketing is the basis for your success

Scoring points in organic results

With SEOshop you can configure your webshop so that search engines can properly index the pages. The platform is ideal for on-page optimisation and complies with W3C standards. You can add tags to your product so that your content becomes more specific and is easier to find. All headings are also optimised, and the platform generates sitemaps of your link structure. These sitemaps are automatically shared with Google and other search engines.

Increase your online presence

Why would you only sell your products through one webshop? With SEOshop you can easily create several webshops and sell your products under various domains. You can also export your products to comparison sites such as, and Google Shopping. Or advertise your products via AdWords or Marktplaats. Now that’s real multichannel marketing.

Temporary price reductions

Temporary discounts specified as a monetary amount or a percentage, free delivery starting from a certain order amount, for all products or selected products. All combinations are possible. The platform enables you to easily set up your own marketing campaign.

Facilitate searching for your customers

Every webshop has a comprehensive search function that shows suggestions while you type. Your customers can also create a wish list and maintain their most recently viewed products. When they have found suitable products, they can compare them to each other. And if a customer is unable to figure it out, he or she can contact you via live chat. All this allows you to provide your customers with the best-possible user experience.

Social shopping with your Facebook shop

SEOshop comes with a standard module with which you can fully integrate the customary 'shopping experience' into Facebook. A Facebook shop in SEOshop won’t cost you anything extra and can be set up quickly. What’s more, customers can settle their invoices directly within the Facebook environment. Social shopping is popular and offers great economies of scale within certain product groups. Turn your friends into customers and set up viral campaigns in Facebook.

Let your customers provide input

Honest feedback from customers will not only help you improve your products but can also convince visitors to place an order on your webshop. You can use The Feedback Company, for example, to ask your customers for feedback which you can then display in your webshop.

Results-driven advertising

Advertise your webshop on other websites and only pay if the advertising results in sales for you. This is called affiliate marketing. SEOshop has integrations with various international affiliate networks so that you can present your webshop to a larger audience.

A blog in your online store

A blog gives many advantages. First of all a blog enables you to keep your customers up to date on new products and build a personal relationship by creating more involvement. Moreover, blogs can be found easier in search engines. This feature is only available from the Professional package and higher packages.

Rich snippets

Reviews for your products, pictures, descriptions and prices will be automatically placed in your organic (unpaid) search results. This gives you more exposure than your competitors in the organic search results, and you don't have to do a thing for this!

The added value of SEOshop

  • Temporary discounts: as a percentage, amount of free delivery
  • Integration with mailing platforms, personalisation of standard e-mails, SMS notification
  • Fully optimised search engines
  • Your own Facebook shop
  • Integration with affiliate networks
  • Manage multiple webshops through the same management environment
  • Promotion of products through comparison sites and advertising programmes
  • Comprehensive search options, product comparison and chat function