The functions of a large webshop, even if you start small

Product, order, stock and product returns management

The functions of a large webshop, even if you start small

Manage all your products from one location

Distribute your products across categories you create yourself, upload product photos and set the sale price. You can even configure the amount from which you want to offer free delivery. You can easily modify all your products using the handy upload and download functions.

Manage product variations such as colour and size

Configure product variations such as color and size with their own price and quantity available. Customers can even indicate how they want you to inscribe their product.

A useful zoom function for a better image

Place multiple images of your products on a page on which your customers can zoom in, and give your products tags to make them easier to find in search engines. You can also set up product filters to facilitate searches within your online store.

Different products, different discounts

Do you give a discount on bulk orders? If so, use our sliding scale discount function. You can also offer free shipping above a certain order amount. And if you want to spotlight new products or discounted products, you can assign a label to them.

Suitable for all products

SEOshop customers sell absolutely everything through their online stores, from books, events and services to downloads. And if you want to give your customers the option of first requesting an offer, then we will enable you to do it too.

An online store that knows your inventory

Your online store keeps an eye on your inventory. Review the inventory status of all your products and set up a minimum inventory so that you only sell products if you have sufficient stock on hand. You can easily manage your inventory using an import/export function.

Quickly modify your product assortment

You can use the import/export function to conveniently modify a large number of products. The import/export function works with Microsoft Excel® files. Easily add new products to your assortment, decrease or increase your prices or add new images. The import/export function is also suitable for multiple languages and multi-stage categories. SEOshop offers a special import function for the customary open source systems so that you can easily transfer your products.

From ordering to delivery

Manage your orders from the order process to delivery Display all placed orders, paid or unpaid orders and orders that still need to be delivered. Packing lists and invoices can also be easily printed. There’s no more need for a separate order management system!

Managing returns

SEOshop also offers a comprehensive product return system to enable your customers to return products. Returns appear automatically in your order dashboard as soon as a customer has initiated a return through the ‘My account’ section of the online store. You can credit entire invoices or just parts thereof when processing the returns.

Keep your customers updated

One of the standard features of your online store is the blog. You can use the blog to keep your customers updated on new developments and attract new visitors to your online store. In addition, you can create text pages in order to share information about your company, for example.

The added value of SEOshop

  • Upload products with photos, prices and more
  • Free delivery starting at a set order quantity
  • Configure product variations such as size and colour
  • Complete order overviews (placed, paid, shipped)
  • Complete inventory management
  • Import and export functions for products and inventory
  • Comprehensive returns system with partial crediting
  • Option for printing packing lists and invoices