Crossing boundaries with SEOshop

Conveniently doing international business from anywhere

Crossing boundaries with SEOshop

Conquer Europe in 14 languages

If you sell your products internationally, you certainly want your customers to be able to view your online store in their own language. That’s why you can make your online store available in 14 languages, with all standard elements being automatically translated for you. The standard languages available are Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish. Additional languages can be provided upon request.

From the euro to the Japanese yen

Making international sales is a lot easier when you can offer your products in the local currency. We retrieve the latest exchange rate changes every 15 minutes so that the correct prices are displayed in every currency. All you need to do is specify the currency you want to use for your product prices.

Top performance in international search engines

When you add a new language to your online store, you want to ensure that the pertinent search engines have no problem finding you in that language. SEOshop has been optimized for both domestic and international search engines and makes sure that you are easy to find in the selected languages.

Local attention abroad

Our extensive experience in Europe is incorporated in our platform. That’s why SEOshop crosses borders without any issues. And thanks to local offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, you always have an advisor near.

International shipments

Simply configure delivery methods and delivery zones and SEOshop will automatically calculate the shipping costs for international orders placed by your international customers. We also work together with various logistics companies in Europe so that your customers can select a local shipping service.

Sales tax or no sales tax

Transferring VAT (value added tax, or sales tax) means that the payment obligation for your products’ VAT is transferred from you to the customer. You therefore don’t need to charge your customer any VAT. You can easily set this up in SEOshop for your international orders.

The added value of SEOshop

  • A standard selection of 14 languages; more upon request
  • Integrations with more than 150 local providers
  • Automatic translation of content using Google Translate
  • Currencies and exchange rates updated every 15 minutes
  • Option to overwrite translations
  • All currencies with automatic exchange rate updates
  • Adjustable time zones and date notations
  • International support system