How to sell more products starting today

Because you earn more revenue from buyers than visitors

How to sell more products starting today

A transformed design

Experience has shown us that your online store's design is the best means to increase your sales. Our template store offers you free and fee-based templates for your online store. And if you want something unique, we can provide you with a customized design.

Clear call-to-action and process view

Nothing is more annoying than placing an order that you didn’t mean to place. That’s why it is important to show the order process progression so that visitors can easily make adjustments in their orders before they make the ultimate purchase. You can easily activate this in our SEOshop online store.

Break down the purchasing barrier

In your online store you can allow visitors to login as guests or to log in using social media such as Facebook so that they don't need to necessarily create their own account in your online store. This makes the online store that much more accessible for visitors who want to make a quick purchase. You can also equip the checkout with quality marks in order to exude more reliability in the purchasing process.

Honest feedback from your customers

How nice would it be if your existing customers could tell your online store visitors how good you are? SEOshop works together with The Feedback Company, thanks to which you can insert feedback from your existing customers into your online store. Honest feedback from your customers instills your visitors with trust in your online store, which results in higher sales.

Choice of payment for your customers

Not every customer wants to pay in the same manner, and that’s why it makes sense to offer your customer several payment methods. SEOshop offers all the customary payment options such as iDEAL, PayPal, prepayment and post-payment. But that’s not all: Foreign payment providers also work together with SEOshop.

Additional discount, additional orders

Temporary discounts or free shipping above a set order amount can help increase your number of orders. You can configure a discount as a monetary amount or a percentage or set up a discount or free delivery starting from a certain order amount.

Striking while the iron is hot

The best time to encourage customers to buy more is the moment when they are ready to place an order. That’s why you can turn your customers’ attention to related products during the ordering process, which they can easily add to their shopping carts.

An expert’s promise

You can use a quality mark to show that your online store is reliable. SEOshop works together with Thuiswinkel Waarborg, DigiKeur Shop, Qshops, Webshop Keurmerk and MKB Ok!. You can register with these quality marks and then simply display the mark in your online store.

The added value of SEOshop

  • Free templates, fee-based templates and customization
  • Show the progression of the ordering process
  • Log in as a guest and through social media
  • Links to customer feedback tools
  • Display of related products
  • Options for discounts and free shipping options
  • Display quality marks in your online store
  • More payment methods than other online store software providers