Get ahead of your competitors with your new SEOshop online store

Pay as soon as your current contract has expired

The new inventory management

Your online store will keep an eye on your inventory and let you know when your inventory falls below a level that you’ve specified. This way you never have to say no to a customer. You can also link your inventory to your existing ERP or WMS software. Don’t let your online store stand alone.

User and customer management

Give multiple users access to your online store’s management environment and assign different rights. Display prices only after customers have logged in, use price differentiation and create customer groups who can also benefit from unique discounts.

Different customers, different prices

Manage customers large and small with different contracts and prices. Make products available to all or part of your customer group. This means you can easily apply price differentiation and price discrimination. You can set all of this up in your online management environment.

"SEOshop offers more options than my previous host, who was good but was running out of options for me towards the end. At SEOshop there are plenty of options, such as for affiliate marketing. I don’t think it’s necessary to have your site built by someone else, because you can do it perfectly yourself."

Mirna Boomaerts -

Importing products from your current store

With the handy import/export function you can upload all the data from your old online store into your new SEOshop online store, thus making your existing product and customer data available in your new online store. And importing these data is child’s play.

More reliable than open source

Many online store operators don’t opt for a hosted online store because they don’t feel it offers any flexibility. SEOshop gives you full control over HTML/CSS and has its own API for developers. And because it’s a closed source platform, your online store is nicely protected from hackers.

No getting stuck with two contracts

Obviously you don’t want two subscriptions. That’s why with SEOshop you won’t pay for your subscription until your existing subscription has expired. In the meantime, you can set up your SEOshop online store and start selling as soon as your old online store has closed.

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