Make dropshipping easier with SEOshop

Work together with multiple suppliers and forward orders directly

Make dropshipping easier with SEOshop

An online store that knows your inventory

With SEOshop you can easily synchronize your suppliers’ inventory with your online store. So you know exactly when to stop sales of a product. The SEOshop platform automatically informs you when your inventory falls below a quantity that you’ve specified.

We take care of the maintenance

While we maintain your online store at our expense, you can concentrate 100% on selling your products. What’s more, we regularly add free new features. Even the hosting is included in the package of your choice. And for those who want more, we have our own app store.

The import/export all-rounder

You can easily add or modify products using our handy import and export function. You can even import and export your customer data, and send it to external software. This gives you more control over the data in your online store than with other online store software providers.

Discover new sales channels

SEOshop gives you the option of selling your products through various channels. Open an additional online store, a Facebook shop or a mobile online store for smartphones or export your products to comparison sites such as and or Marktplaats' advertising program.

Start selling your products today

Customization and open source are often paired with a great deal of programming work. But with SEOshop you can get the ball rolling right away. We offer you the most complete package in Europe, which is already successfully being used by more than 2,500 customers. You can start selling immediately.

Flexibility for your customers

Let your customers choose where they want their products delivered: to their own address, to your location or to a distribution center. You can also allow your customers to choose when they want their products to be delivered. You can offer different customer groups different options.

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