Update: How to comply with VAT rules for international sales

Update: How to comply with VAT rules for international sales

In Europe, we deal with threshold values when it comes to applying VAT. Are you selling more in one year to private persons or entrepreneurs that do not declare, or organizations that are not legally classified as entrepreneurs, than the threshold values established by the tax authorities? Then you will have to charge the VAT rate that applies to the country where the customer in question resides. This is mandatory when the turnover for that specific country exceeds its threshold value. This Thursday, we will implement an update that will solve this technical matter. In this blog post, you can already read what to expect.

Our back office solution

tax overrides

It was already possible to change several tax rates / categories in the back office. These can be found in the left menu, throughSettings > Taxes (Note: Do not forget to connect the mto products!), which will take you to a page that shows an overview of your configured rates. If you open one of these rates, you can add a so-called ‘Tax override’ per individual country. This can be done by clicking ‘Add tax remittance’. Through a pop-up window, you will then have the opportunity to add an override per country. The available countries will only be the ones you have selected through Settings > Countries in the left menu. For each product, you can indicate which tax category should be connected to it.

What will customers notice?

As soon as the billing addresses of customers a known, we will modify the prices and notify them (see the example below). The price excluding VAT will always remain the same. We will only communicate the modified price including VAT to the person actually paying for the order in question.


Tax override notification

If you do not want to display this notification to customers, you can easily remove it using CSS. This can be done for every theme through Custom CSS. Use the following code snippet. Naturally, it can also be styled to your preferences in the CSS file.

 .gui-tax-override { display: none; }

Shipping costs and additional payment charges

By default, we use the VAT rate configured with the shipping method in question. When a tax override has been set for a given country, the same rules apply to shipping costs and additional payment charges (that apply to the payment service provider). From now on, the VAT rate on shipment will be calculated based on the highest VAT rate within an order.

CountryThreshold amount
BelgiumEUR 35.000
BulgariaBGN 70.000
CyprusEUR 35.000
DenmarkDKK 280.000
GermanyEUR 100.000
EstoniaEUR 35.151
FinlandEUR 35.000
FranceEUR 100.000
GreeceEUR 35.000
HungaryHUF 8.800.000
IrelandEUR 35.000
ItalyEUR 35.000
CroatiaHRK 263.000
LatviaEUR 35.000
LithuaniaEUR 35.000
LuxemburgEUR 100.000
MaltaEUR 35.000
AustriaEUR 35.000
PolandPLN 160.000
PortugalEUR 35.000
RomaniaRON 118.000
SloveniaEUR 35.000
SlovakiaEUR 35.000
SpainEUR 35.000
Czech RepublicCZK 1.140.000
United KingdomGBP 70.000
SwedenSEK 320.000


  1. Luc
    23 October 2015 at 16:13

    Graag ook deze belangrijke informatieve test in het Nederlands aub!



  2. Ivonne Teering
    Ivonne Teering
    22 October 2015 at 00:53

    I agree with this German customer. I would like to read these Blogs and information regarding changes or new features of the seoshop platform in Dutch as well. My knowledge of English is reasonable but with this kind of (technical) issues it is important to read it in my native language.
    Since Seoshop is an international operating company it needs to arrange descent translations to it's original native language (Dutch) as well as to the most common languages like German, English, and maybe Spanish or French.

  3. Lange
    19 July 2015 at 11:39

    folgender Kommentar von mir:
    kein Interesse an deutschen Kunden.
    das sehe ich daran das alle Beiträge ob wichtige oder auch unwichtige
    Neuerungen in englisch geschrieben sind. Wenn ich dann die deutsche Sprache einstelle ( egal für welchen englisch geschriebenen Beitrag ) komme ich immer auf die in deutsch geschriebene Seite:
    Zum Anwerben deutscher Abonnenten wird sich noch Mühe gegeben, das zeigt das sich Seo Shop wohl bewusst ist das nicht alle in Deutschland der englischen Sprache mächtig sind und deswegen wird die Anwerbeseite in Deutsch geschrieben.
    Das alle Informationen über Updates in nur englischer kommen und dazu keine deutsche Übersetzung angeboten wird obwohl im Reiter vorgesehen, nervt mich sehr. Der Kundenservice ist ja auch nicht gerade eine Wucht. Der Kundenservice von Ebay ist da schon, obwohl auch nicht gerade vorbildlich, um einiges besser.
    Grüße aus Ost-Deutschland


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