Update: Modified discount codes and partner access

Update: Modified discount codes and partner access

As you have come to expect, (interim) updates occur twice a month, adding new functionalities and/or improvements in existing ones. In this blog post, you can read about the modifications made this time.

Adjusted logic for discount codes

Let’s assume you have created a discount rule with a minimum order amount of 100 Euro. When, for example, a customer purchases Test Product 98 for 98 Euro, the discount rule does not apply. But what if he/she also purchases Test Product 99 for 99 Euro? Even then, the discount rule does not apply, regardless of the fact that the total order value now adds up to 197 Euro.

We now have changed this; the total amount of the entire order will be taken into consideration.

discount code

To help you discover these ‘problematic’ discount codes in your own online store, we have placed exclamation marks with these codes in the back office.

discount code exclamation mark

Modified partner access

In the past, when an online store was added to a partner account, all account managers were granted immediate access. This was not always advisable, which is why we have changed this. Starting now, a partner needs to have user level access to an online store, even if it is placed underneath a partner account. You can control these user levels yourself.

SEOshop customers are now able to grant partners access to their online store. This can be done using the back office, through GENERAL > Settings > Users in the left menu. As an online store owner you can grant (or deny) requests, check which partners have access, determine expiration dates and control access levels of partner users.

partner access

Especially for Partners

The following options have been added for partners:

  • Access requests - You can now request access to an online store in the My stores tab, through ‘MY ACCOUNT > Profile’. To do so, click the green plus icon. Enter the number of the online store and submit your request. The store owner will have to approve your request.
  • Create new online store - You can now create a new online store (including a user) by clicking the green plus icon next to ‘Shop’ at the left at the bottom of the back office page. When you create a new online store, you can immediately add a new main user. If you do not create one, you will be automatically added as the main user. You can add users later, or change them through the usual route in the left menu: GENERAL > Settings > Users.

The following options have been removed for partners:

  • Users of partner stores - In the past, you could see all users of your partner stores through the partner portal. This is no longer possible. You can now add users to an online store by submitting access requests, or through GENERAL > Settings > Users in the left menu, provided that you are still the main user.
  • Dashboard and invoices - The invoice overview has been removed from our back office. Partner invoices are still available through your external partner dashboard, together with all required statistics.

partner access

New apps in our App Store

These apps have been added to our App Store:

  • Automatic Watermarks - prevent the abuse of your unique product photos and safe time by adding digital watermarks with your Automatic Watermarks app. This is a plug and play integration that allows you to add personalised watermarks to your product photos.
  • Visual Website Optimizer - Visual Website Optimizer creates"heatmaps" and"clickmaps" in your online store. Use this data for A/B tests and personalise your online store for conversion optimisation.
  • Simply Translate - Simply Translate offers you a solution for the translation of your online store to any language. The text of your online store will be added to the tool automatically, and translated by a professional - and human - translator.
  • MyDigitalSales - with the MyDigitalSales app it's possible to sell digital products in your SEOshop store, like music, videos and digital manuals.
  • BBL - is uw webwinkel succesvol en heeft u niet genoeg uren in een dag? Besteed dan uw fulfilment uit met Black Box Logistics Warehousing. Zo hoeft u zich geen zorgen meer te maken om uw verzendingen en kunt u zich focussen op het vergroten van uw e-commerce succes.
  • iDEAL - De iDEAL status add-on app toont tijdens het afrekenproces de actuele beschikbaarheid van iDEAL bij de diverse banken. Uw klanten zien dus direct bij welke bank er op dat moment met iDEAL kan worden betaald. Hierdoor biedt u een extra stukje service aan uw klanten en kunnen ze bij een storing, kiezen voor een alternatieve betaaloptie.


  • Belfius - Belfius has been added as a payment method to SEOshop Payments.
  • PostNL - Monaco has been added to the PostNL EU-Pack settings.

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