Update: Improved checkout process

Update: Improved checkout process

This time, contrary to what you have become accustomed to from us, we have written our update blog post before the actual update. Now you will already know what to expect from the impending changes at Wednesday night!

Here’s what you can expect from us:

No shopping cart redirect after adding (a) product(s)

Until now, customers are redirected to the shopping cart of your online store after adding (a) product(s). This interferes with the order process, especially when customers are browsing category pages. It is the moment when they lose filters and searches. The Wednesday night update will resolve this issue.

Navigate to GENERAL > Settings > Advanced in the left menu. You will now see the ‘Stay on page’ option. When you activate it, customers will stay on the page they are currently browsing when adding (a) product(s) to their shopping cart.

shopping cart

Nevertheless, your customers will receive a confirmation of the product(s) added to the shopping cart.


Now, customers can more easily choose a payment method

After the Wednesday update customers are always required to choose a payment method during the checkout process. This was already the case for many payment connections (for example, with iDEAL and MasterCard), but this will then apply to all payment connections (including payment on pickup). This will enable you to always determine in advance which payment method your customers intend to use, even with payment on pickup.

Currently, customers will see the following in the checkout process:


The new situation will look as follows:

new checkout


Finally, we will implement some additional improvements:

  • Too many plugins problem resolved - SEOshop customers that use many apps have reported that their checkout process was a lot slower than usual. This issue has now been resolved. However, we recommend not placing too many apps in the checkout environment.
  • The checkout is much faster now!

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