Update: phasing-out of the old check out

Update: phasing-out of the old check out

The past year we addressed the checkout, the most vital part of every online store. We recently updated our latest three developed checkouts, as a result of which, they are now fully optimized and ready for the future.

For almost a year now, you can decide yourself which checkout you want to use. Now, more than a year later, we have decided to phase out the old checkout. A decision that was made because the new multi-step checkout utilizes the same principle, and is much better optimized towards the future. In addition, the new checkouts provide better statistics.

What will happen now?

Of course phasing out will not take place immediately. However, starting from January 1st 2016, the old checkout will permanently be removed from our platform. In the meantime we will not perform maintenance on the old checkout, fully focusing on improving and further developing the new ones. If you should experience any problems with the old checkout, we recommend switching to one of its successors.

If you are still using the old checkout on January 1st 2016, we will automatically switch you to the new multi-step version. We will obviously inform you a number of times prior to the actual transition.