Update February: ease of placing an order and searching for redirects

Update February: ease of placing an order and searching for redirects

In the second update of this month, we've made it easier for customers to place an order and we have improved some important management features in your backoffice. Want to know more about all the changes made? Read this blog post!

Easy to place an order

We have made it easier for your customers to place an order with these important changes:

  • Print button in the order process - sometimes your customers may want a 'tangible confirmation' of their order. That's why we've added a print button prior to the confirmation of your order, so the content of your shopping cart can be printed during the ordering process.
  • Back to shopping cart button - this button is mandatory in Germany and can be activated when you change your store to the 'Strict' legal mode. This can be managed by going to GENERAL > Settings > Advanced.
  • HeidelPay improved - the integration with HeidelPay has been improved, so your customers can use this to its full power again.

Do you want to remove the print button from the ordering process? You can, by placing this code in the Template Editor in your Custom CSS: .gui-print { display:none; }

Easier to manage your store

We didn't just improve things for your customers, but also for you we've made things easier.

  • Searching for redirects - are you using the feature that allows you to set up redirects? Then you will be happy with this change, because as of now you can search for redirects in the backoffice.
  • DHL integration - the calculation of shipping tax for DHL has been improved for stores in Germany.
  • Order confirmation by email - here you will now see the right country.
  • Invoice overview - the country flag of the invoice address is now being displayed here.
  • API improvement - products are being updated again like normal.

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