Update: back office search feature improved, user rights, special characters in URL’s

Update: back office search feature improved, user rights, special characters in URL’s

Yesterday there was a new update, which added some new functions and function improvements.

Order searching

Searching in your orders based on shipping method, is now made possible. You can easily create an overview of orders that are send with a specific shipping method by doing so.

Searching in returns

The search feature in returns has also been extended. From now on you can also search on name and surname, which makes finding returns even more easy.

’Financial’ user right

‘Financial’ is a user right that you can assign to a user account. With this user right you can now give administrators of your webshop the rights to adjust prices in your webshop. This also means that only users with this specific right, can adjust prices. The main administrator of your webshop has this right by default, other administrators need to get assigned with the ‘financial’ right.

Special characters in URL’s

Previously, special characters were not correctly shown in or even completely left out of URL’s. This caused for problems with German or Norwegian webshops. We’ve now fixed this: special characters are now correctly shown in the URL.

We’ve created 301 redirects for all the ‘old’ URL’s of which the special characters were not shown, to make sure that the ‘new’ URL’s with special characters are also indexed well by Google. As a result, you will see more URL’s in the redirects overview.

For developers: metafields

    • Metafields: It is now possible to create and manage metafields.
    • Order webhooks: When picking up the “order webhook” after an order, you will get more information up to 1 level deep (customer, invoices, shipments, products, metafields, quote, event). Because of this, no extra calls are necessary.


  • The feature ‘reset password’ now sends a new, automatically generated password instead of the old, existing password.
  • For developers: UTF8 formatting for URL’s is now available through the API
  • The problems with the PayPal Express integration are now solved
  • Previously, when the location of your customer was unknown, ‘Afghanistan’ was automatically shown as his or her location. From now on, the location of the reseller will also be used as the default location of your customer. So when you have a webshop in Germany, the default location for your customer will be ‘Germany’ as well (only when the customer’s real location is not known).
  • Custom status is now also available in the export sheet