Update December: Template Editor, revisions and newsletter signups

Update December: Template Editor, revisions and newsletter signups

As you may have noticed, we now have platform updates more often. These interim updates are briefly described here.

Notification of revisions

The Template Editor allows you to fully customize the design of your shop. We noticed that some users of this editor made so many adjustments that the file was too big. These revisions were subsequently not stored properly. When the file is too big, you will now see a message so you can restore the adjustments.

Newsletter subscriptions

Until now, customers could sign up multiple times for the newsletter. Now customers who have already registered are notified, so that multiple entries are avoided.

For the Template Editor: filters tracking

When you use the Template Editor, you can now apply the following filters: t, e, un_e, percentage, money, money_float, money_with_currency, money_without_currency, price, url, url_auto, url_asset, url_core, url_image, parts, chunk, limit, dump.

And further...

We have also improved many features over the past two weeks including our new service SEOshop Payments. Below you can read the complete change log.


  • The end date of a discount code could not be set nor changed. This fix resolves this.


  • Changed the styles on the modals to fix a chrome render issue.
  • Temporarily changed video file hosting to fix YouTube issues.


  • When selecting 'opt-in for newsletter' on the checkout, it was possible that the first name and last name of the customer would not be stored. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with Giropay, where paying with credit cards wasn’t possible.

SEOshop payments

  • Improved the styling of SEOshop Payments
  • Fixed issues with the default selection of country.
  • Changed the check on terms and agreements.
  • When a merchant changes to Premium, prices are updated.
  • Removed the ability to add both a test and live key, as this caused confusion. It now only uses one API key, based on if we determine whether it’s test or live.
  • Fixed refunds after changing the API keys/
  • Fixed the showing of prices when you have a custom subscription and makes Premium visible.
  • Only show the introduction message once in the payment integration.
  • SEOshop payments is now only visible for live shops.
  • Fixed prices for custom subscriptions.
  • Fixed getting correct URL from merchant.
  • Several fixes for the communication with Mollie.
  • SEOshop Payments should now only appear for the Dutch reseller.
  • Added a check for SEOshop payments when editing a shop.
  • Added webhooks with https URLs when placing an order.

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