Update: VAT adjustments and small bug fixes

Update: VAT adjustments and small bug fixes

Last night, the platform has again been updated, with a focus on legislative changes and bug fixes. In this blog post we will discuss the most important changes.

VAT adjustments

From 1 January 2015 telecommunications, radio and television broadcasting and electronic services (digital services) will be taxed in the country where the customer is located. Previously, digital services were taxed in the country where your company is based.

As a shop owner, you may choose to have products in your shop which are covered by digital services. You can select this under Catalog > Products > Product > tab"Price and Stock" by indicating a variant that it is a digital service. It will then be used to automatically load the correct tax rate in the checkout of your shop.

More information about this amendment can be found on the information page of the Belastingdienst.


  • It is now possible to offer iDeal as a payment method using PSP"Payone".
  • The order date is now properly translated in the order e-mail.
  • Product variant titles added to all orders related pop-up windows.
  • Universal Analytics cross-domain tracking optimized.
  • The problems with translations, if you are using discount rules for multiple categories, have now been resolved.
  • The VAT text is now after the price in the"Mobile Commerce" version of your shop.
  • There was a difference in the number of orders if you chose"csv exported" or"see on screen" when creating sales reports. The csv kept in the number of orders without considering whether they were paid. This numbering was incorrect and has now been fixed.
  • If you were to click on the button"add credit invoice" multiple times in quick succession, the system would accidentally create several credit notes. The button is now made invisible directly after clicking.
  • Normally we always invoice subscription fees until the next month. The"delivery date" at the bottom of the invoice is the current month - 1. However, you can also choose to pay in advance. Here we did not consider this delivery date. This problem has now been resolved.
  • Custom translation Payment Service Provider is now also applied when the customer looks at his order in his account.
  • You can now use the template editor to make sure that in addition to the content, the Category Description is also visible in the store. This is not installed by default in themes.