Three New Industry-Specific SEOshop Themes

Three New Industry-Specific SEOshop Themes

Creating a good design is not easy, but absolutely essential. In order to make this easier we have provided our merchants with the SEOshop Theme Store where we offer approximately one hundred pre-designed templates. By making simple adjustment in the settings you can build a personalized webstore. Unfortunately not every theme is optimized for every product range and for that reason we (and our partners) design themes that are industry specific. In order to provide designs for every sector we have developed three new themes.

Responsive design

To date, more than 26% of all orders on SEOshop have been placed on a mobile device (from the last 7 million orders). Last March we launched the first responsive theme “Conform”, with which merchants where able to take a big leap into the world of mobile transactions. After launching this theme our partners followed our example and currently more than a dozen responsive designs are available in the Theme Store. In order to offer another unique theme we build Flat Responsive for you.

Flat Responsive: for streetwear & indiebrands

Price: €12,00 / month (promotion: until 1st Jan 2015, €7,50/month)

Do you sell street-fashion or indie brand products, then Flat is the theme for you. The theme has a so called “flat design” with which you can create a quiet and trustworthy impression. With the minimalist design your products determine your identity. The theme has a series of smart features such as a large HD slider, flexible menu, quick USP´s, flexible product photo’s, promotional banners and more. Decide for yourself and view the two examples (presets).

Example Flat Street-fashion (standard).


Example Flat Indie Brand.


Desktop designs

In order to provide you with some affordable designs with a beautiful and unique personality we have developed two new themes with some really cool features. We present to you Dresser and Vice, optimized for desktop computers and tablets. We advise you to activate the HTML5 mobile shop in the SEOshop backend in order to stimulate sales via smartphones.

Dresser: for high-end fashion

Price: €9,00 / month (promotion: until 1st Jan 2015, €6,00 / month)

Dresser is a special theme for webstores that retail high-end clothing or fashion accessories. Product categories would include suit pants, dresses or (tailored) suits. The contemporary theme takes into account the minimalist design trends with large amounts of visuals and offers unique features with which consumers have a pleasant shopping experience and the merchant can create a community. The “shop the look” function allows the merchant to present a look on the homepage that can be linked to a collection of products. The integrated Instagram photo feed allows user-generated content to be displayed directly on your homepage. We also reserved sufficient space for your blog and other advertising possibilities. Below you can view two examples (presets) of Dresser.

Example Dresser Clothing (standard)


Example Dresser Suits.


Vice: for lifestyle brands & interior design

Price: €9,00 / month (promotion: until 1st Jan 2015, €6,00 / month)

Are you looking for a flexible and easy to fill theme? With Vice you can choose for a “wide” or “boxed” layout. This way the header-slider can be applied in many different ways: wide along the whole page, boxed and slightly higher or place a YouTube video. The promotional banners are easy to turn on and off through the settings and also the footer with newsletter function can be edited (the “wide” or “boxed” function also applies here). A lazy load function has been applied to the product images so that your webstore will load faster and gives it a unique character. Besides all this Vice got more possibilities, please view the three examples (presets) below.

Example Vice Lifestyle (standard)


Example Vice Interior Design.


Example Vice Fashion.


Some last tips

As mentioned before, not every theme is adequate for every sector. This is very important to keep in mind, very often we see that themes are being used for product types that does not suit perfectly. We advise you to carefully consider all the themes in the Theme Store before making a decision. View all the examples (presets) that our partners or we have provided to give you an indication of the possibilities with this theme. It is also important to explore, make a sketch of your ideal webstore and compare it to available themes. Like this you will make a well informed choice.

When filling your theme do also take your time in doing so and give it the necessary attention. Even if 90% of the design work is done for you, the last 10% are absolutely crucial for branding, conversion and retention. After finishing the design allow some objective eyes to evaluate it, they might give some handy tips.

Action plan

  1. Know which sector you are going to sell in
  2. Make a basic sketch of the design of your ideal webstore
  3. Scroll through the Theme Store and view the examples
  4. Try a couple of themes; after you have placed your products in your webstore (this is free in the demo-period!)
  5. Make an informed choice
  6. Pay close attention when personalizing the design, this will pay of!
  7. Let other objective eyes review your webstore

Do you want to know more about the themes, please visit our Theme Store.