SEOshop Store Update - What is new in store?

SEOshop Store Update - What is new in store?

The SEOshop App Store and Theme Store offer you a wide range of functionalities and expansion options that enable you to run a successful webshop. Every month we add a range of new apps and themes to our platform that a will generate more traffic, optimize conversion, customer loyalty, automate and more.  In this blog post we will show you the new apps and themes of January and explain what these can do for you.

EffectConnect Basic

EffectConnect€29,00 /month (Starting 01/03/2015 €49,00/month)

EffectConnect Basic is a connector with and Amazon for automated sales. This app  automatically adjusts prices and stock for up to 5.000 products and imports the orders in SEOshop. The best part is that you can decide for yourself which products to export to the different marketplaces. Do you have more than 5.000 products? Try EffectConnect Plus (Currently in Beta testing) to synchronise up to 25.000 products. 


Adcrowd€9,95 / Month

With Montapacking you can outsource your webshops logistics. Montapacking provides storage, picking, packaging and shipping for all your orders. You will also get access to an online portal where you will be able to track all your orders. Montapacking also offers a wide range of options  with regards to couriers, shipping options, packaging materials, etc... in order to live up to your expectations.


MijnPakketVerzendenFree offers webshops a complete shipping solution. You will be able to send your packages quickly and with ease, up to 31,5kg, for a competitive price. The automatic connector between MijnPakketVerzenden and SEOshop saves you time and money. Besides that the platform offers you an overview of all your parcels, difital invoices and personalized track and track emails that your customers will recieve to follow their orders.

Delta Responsive

Fusion€12,50/Month (starting 01/03/2015 €19/Month)

The Delta Responsive theme has been developed especially for lifestyle webshops. A contemporary design ensures that your products are always at the centre of attention. Delta Responsive offers many possibilities in the field of offers. The theme has many useful features such as review stars when hovering over an image with the mouse, news and blog items on the homepage and a classy brand-slider on the homepage.


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