As of January 2016, SEOshop Will Continue as Lightspeed

As of January 2016, SEOshop Will Continue as Lightspeed

Last month was the most important one in SEOshop history. We were acquired by Lightspeed, the leading Canadian provider of cloud-based POS solutions for retailers and restaurateurs, to go forward together as a global omnichannel software supplier. Although SEOshop will live on in our hearts forever, we will continue as Lightspeed. Our e-commerce product will be branded as Lightspeed eCom. In this blog post, you can read what this will mean for you.

Lightspeed’s Acquisition of SEOshop

On November 19th, Lightspeed announced their acquisition of SEOshop. In September 2015, Canada-based Lightspeed, that became big by supplying point-of-sale systems to brick-and-mortar stores, managed to secure an investment of US$ 61 million. In order to expand their e-commerce offerings in both North America and Europe, the company was looking for a knowledge partner and chose SEOshop. Now that the acquisition has been completed, Lightspeed will offer its entire product portfolio for the European market from Amsterdam.

Lightspeed and Lightspeed eCom

Due to the acquisition, the SEOshop brand name will disappear. This means that all communication channels, such as this website, will merge into the new Lightspeed website. As a company, SEOshop will continue as Lightspeed. SEOshop’s e-commerce product will be rebranded as Lightspeed eCom, resulting in our online store software becoming one of the three products offered in Lightspeed’s product range.

Lightspeed Product Range

The new Lightspeed will now offer three product groups:

  • Lightspeed Retail - the ultimate point-of-sale for retailers. Lightspeed Retail enables you to easily manage and sell products in your brick-and-mortar store.
  • Lightspeed Restaurant - the ultimate point-of-sale solution for restaurateurs. Lightspeed Restaurant provides a flexible and inexpensive point-of-sale for the hospitality industry.
  • Lightspeed eCom - the familiar SEOshop platform, in which we will continue to invest significantly in the coming years.

Lightspeed Goes Omnichannel

The acquisition provides big opportunities for SEOshop customers. In the next months, a lot of work will dedicated to integrating Lightspeed Retail with SEOshop’s online store software. This will allow Lightspeed to offer an omnichannel product, thus making selling products online as well as offline a small step to take. It will of course remain possible to purchase the Lightspeed products separately.

New Lightspeed Branding

We have a new set of copyright-free logos, that can be used by our partners. Are you a partner? Then download these logos now and use them to replace the old logos on your website in January, with a link to our new website:


Lightspeed Platinum Sponsor at the Webwinkel Vakdagen

Just like the previous years, we will be present this year as Platinum Sponsor of the Webwinkel Vakdagen (Online Store Trade Fair). This year we will not be attending as SEOshop, but under our new name: Lightspeed. We now can offer your retail business even more. Would you like to know more about our extensive product range? Then visit us at the E-commerce Square (stand T01). We would love to see you and catch up!

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