SEOshop Store Update - 7 new apps!

SEOshop Store Update - 7 new apps!

The SEOshop App Store and Theme Store offer you a wide range of functionalities and expansion options that enable you to run a successful webshop. Every month we add a series of new apps and themes to our platform that can help you generate more traffic, optimize conversion, customer loyalty, automate business processes and more.  In this blog post we will show you the six new apps and theme  that have been added in the past month and explain what these can do for you.


175x175x2€19,00 /month

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, Prooflink will help you convert one time buyers into returning customers. Prooflink is a"plug & play" solution that allows you to reward on-line store purchases, activity on social media or other actions in order to stimulate customer loyalty and engagement.

Remove the Background

Remove the Background€1,25 /edited photo

With the easy to use Remove the Background interface you can easily and affordable optimize all of your product images by making them autonomous or removing the backgrounds. All images are processed within 24 hours, once you approved them they will automatically replace the unedited images. Images with a white background give your webshop a more professional look and contribute to increasing your conversion rate. 



Tapfiliate is cloud-based affiliate tracking software. It enables you to create, track and analyse your own affiliate programs. This allows you to create your own network of brand ambassadors and reward loyal customers within 5 minutes and without start-up fees.

Note: you are responsible for finding your affiliates and running your campaign.

StoreInfo Connector

Store Info€29,95/Month

The StoreInfo connector is a cloud-based solution for retail automation that connects your physical store to your SEOshop webshop. Product, stock and order information is synchronized which allows you to manage them simultaneously through one seamless integration.

Copernica connector


The Copernica Connector allows you to synchronize your SEOshop webshop with your Copernica account. Customer data is exchanged so it can be used in order to create professional marketing campaigns by segmenting your customers into unique consumer groups.

Twinfield verkooptransacties

Twinfield verkooptransacties€9,50/Month

In the Twinfield accounting software the invoicing module is not standard included. This means that for some packages you are not able to create invoices, but you are able to register the sale. This is done by creating sales transactions. The Twinfield Verkooptransacties connector creates these for you in Twinfield for orders done in your SEOshop webshop.


Twinfield verkooptransacties€24,95/Month

Stredgeboard is a business dashboard based on"Management by Numbers". Stredgeboard collects data from your different platforms and computes it for you into meaningful business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), allowing you to constantly monitor and optimize your business. If something requires your attention, Stredgeboard will notify you automatically.

InStijl Media Theme Deluxe Responsive

Theme Banner


InStijl Media Theme Deluxe, Theme of the Year 2014, is now Responsive.

The theme is made based on a wide range of new and luxury features such as a DayDeal timer, LoyaltyLion integration, Sticky menu and much more that we have been developed to meet the high demands of the modern day webshop owner.

Webshops that currently use InStijl Media Theme Deluxe will receive the update automatically.

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