SEOshop Store Update - Pricemotion, Adcrowd Freshdesk, Fastr, Usabilla, Ahead and Electronics

SEOshop Store Update - Pricemotion, Adcrowd Freshdesk, Fastr, Usabilla, Ahead and Electronics

The SEOshop App and Theme Stores offer a wide range of functionalities and expansion possibilities that enable you to manage a successful webstore. The app stores consist of more than 90 apps that can generate more traffic, higher conversion, customer loyalty, automation and more. In the past months, several new apps and themes have been added to the SEOshop store: Pricemotion, Adcrowd, Fastr, Freshdesk, Usabilla, Ahead and Electronics are now part of our platform. In this blog post we will explain what these apps can do for you.


AdcrowdVariable price

Pricemotion is a price monitor for webstores that allows them to choose whether to only monitor the prices of the competition or also adjust them automatically. The prices of your competitors are available in real time via the Pricemotion application. You can therefore see immediately which products are priced too high or too low. You can also set up price rules in order to adjust your prices automatically and you will no longer need to do it manually on a daily basis. By using the price rules, your prices will be adjusted based on the prices of your competitors.



98% of customers leave your webshop the first time without making a purchase. With Adcrowd you can get this under control by starting with retargeting

How does retargeting work? When a visitor arrives in your webstore a cookie is placed on their device. When this visitor then leaves your webshop and visits another website such as or, these websites can show these visitors your advertisements. As a consequence visitors that have abandoned your website will be stimulated to engage with your brands and products.

The first two weeks of retargeting are free up to a maximum of €50!



With Fastr you can shorten the process of going from shopping cart to payment by up to 95%. Fastr places a button in your webstore which your customers can use to quickly buy a product by using the payment details that Fastr has on file. In order to keep an overview of what has been sold via Fastr, you receive access to a dashboard where you can see the average transaction costs per sale and how the costs have developed over time, among other features.



Freshdesk is a cloud-based, multi-channel, customer support software that integrates conventional support channels (such as phone, email, web) with modern channels such as social media (Facebook, Twitter) in an all-round support tool. Connect SEOshop with Freshdesk in order to exchange customer information from SEOshop with your support department. This gives your support team the required context when dealing with customer tickets regarding their purchases.


UsabillaVariable price

With the Usabilla Live tool you can listen to your customer and collect feedback through a feedback button and a form. By constantly collecting customer feedback you can quickly adapt your website in order to improve the customer experience.

It is possible to zoom in on every feedback detail. Besides the feedback provided by the visitor you can see where they came from, what kind of device they used (desktop, mobile, tablet) and which browser was used. This allows you to eliminate bugs before they become an issue.



Ahead is a fresh and modern responsive theme for your webstore, optimized for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the many adjustable elements this theme is ideal for webshops in all industries. The theme contains many unique elements such as the adjustable sticky menu, full HD parallax slider, product pages focused on product images and modern homepage banners.




The Electronics theme was designed specifically for webstores selling consumer electronics. This responsive theme gives your webstore a professional image. Through the use of several modern features, such as a flexible menu, homepage headers and a product slider, it is very easy to build a stylish webstore.


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