SEOshop Store Update - CashOrCard POS, MyStockNotifier, Channable, Itembase and Fusion

SEOshop Store Update - CashOrCard POS, MyStockNotifier, Channable, Itembase and Fusion

The SEOshop App Store and Theme Store offer a wide range of functionalities and expansion possibilities that enable you to manage a successful webstore. The app stores consist of more than 80 apps that can generate more traffic, higher conversion, customer loyalty, automation and more... In the past month several new apps and themes have been added to the SEOshop store: CashOrCard POS, MyStockNotifier, Channable, Itembase and Fusion

Cashorcard POS

CashOrCard POS€9,95/month

CashOrCard POS is the next generation Point of Sale for multichannel retailers. The app enables a seamless connection with your online store. This way your physical store and webstore are always synchronized. The CashOrCard POS app is available on all Android and iOS tablets. There are also different hardware packages available (printer, scanner etc...) in order to meet the varying needs of different retailers.



When a product is out of stock, your customer are able to leave their email address. As soon as the product is back in stock, the customer will receive a custom email notifying that the product is back in stock. This way you can easily increases the conversion from your existing traffic.



Channable connects your products with any affiliate network, online marketplace or comparison engine. Manage up to 10 channels and 5.000 products with one solution! Get more exposure for your product and save time and effort at the same time!



itembase is a simple to digest solution that will help you analyse matters of your business that need your attention the most. The best part - You can always compare yourself to the competition. Learn more about your business, and understand what your results mean with regards to the industry as a whole.



The Fusion theme is a full responsive theme for the SEOshop e-commerce platform and is suitable for every type of webstore. The design aims to create a professional and trustworthy customer experience. Fusion offers a lot of space for call-to-actions and banners. On each page you will find opportunities to put products or categories in the spotlights. The theme is also designed in such a way that it is easy to integrate several conversion optimizing apps.


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