SEOshop Payments: changing the payment industry

SEOshop Payments: changing the payment industry

On the 1st of December 2014 we’re introducing SEOshop Payments, the transparent below market price payment solution. Up until now you were forced to negotiate your own terms with payment methods and Payment Service Providers. We have now done this for you, which means that you will profit from the economies of scale of our SaaS platform. This results in much lower prices and simplified management of your payment methods. Read all about it in this post!

The benefits

SEOshop Payments is unique, because SEOshop – with its tens of thousands of orders per day – has a much better negotiating position than you as an individual customer have. We use these economies of scale in order to offer you packages that have a much lower cost price per transaction than usual in this market. This means that you no longer have to negotiate with a Payment Service Provider yourself. We are sure that this will change the payment market quite a bit.

SEOshop Payments offers the lowest price on the market, pays out for free every working day and makes repayments – e.g. after a returned shipment – much easier.

What does this mean for existing payment providers?

SEOshop has 34 local and international payment providers that will still be supported and updated.

Why is SEOshop entering the payment market?

We believe that growing online merchants need to be able to compete with big e-commerce parties. As an e-commerce platform we are able to make a bigger statement, which results in many benefits for you, the SEOshop customer.

Press notification

The announcement of SEOshop Payments was widely covered in the Dutch press. Even some of the international e-commerce news providers wrote an article about the announcement. E-commerce Europe and Ecommerce News mentioned SEOshop Payments in their articles as well. According to the e-commerce market, SEOshop Payments is big news. As a SEOshop customer you will be the first to profit from this!

On December the 1st, we will publish the SEOshop Payments tarrifs and latest developments. Want to stay up to date? Sign up for our newsletter!