4 responsive designs for a mobile-friendly Google rating

4 responsive designs for a mobile-friendly Google rating

Earlier, we brought you the blog post '4 responsive themes that increase mobile conversion'. This blog post showcased several webshops showing their attained successes, partially thanks to the responsive design of their webshop.

More than a year ago SEOshop recognized the importance of mobile commerce and quickly adapted to launch its first responsive theme Conform. Now, a year later, SEOshop has a new policy and brand new responsive themes, in order to stay ahead of market trends.

In this blog post, we will show you another five beautifully designed webshops that use a responsive design. We will show you how the different themes have been applied to create unique designs and how they have contributed to the success of several webshops.

Purewooddesign.be - Mascha Beekmans


Thema: Essentials designed by Webdinge

With the vision to expand their design and tailor furniture workshop, Mascha opened their webshop PUREWoodDesign.be in order to gain on-line exposure to stimulate European expansion.

Mascha and her team built and designed their webshop independently and choose the Essentials theme because it offered them the possibility to feature their unique products, something which is considered very important when every detail matters. Also the fact that they were able to communicate about their USP´s was extremely important since much of their their products are tailor made.

The PURE Wood Design team quickly managed to adapt the Essentials theme to match the company's house style with stunning results.

Since PUREWoodDesign.be started using the Essentials theme they have noticed some very positive effects. The conversion rate on mobile has gradually risen by 23% and the bounce rate has decreased significantly. Now that the webshop is optimized for mobile devices, Mascha is also noticing that more people are visiting the store which tends to praise the webshop design.


Full image PUREWoodDesign

Fascwear - Georg Moser


Thema: the Bridge Responsive designed by brothers Media

Before going online, Fasc Wear was a normal retail store which was running smoothly. As Georg noticed a change in the market towards the internet and he also investigating new ways of expanding his business and he decided to open a webshop on the SEOshop platform.

They were aware that their target audience was increasingly active on Smarthpones, and, in order to serve this consumer group, they realized that they needed a responsive design. The Bridge responsive theme met this demand and also displayed their products in the best possible way. The next step was adapting the theme to their own style, with some HTML knowledge they started working in the template editor and managed to get stunning results.

Since they have started using their new theme they have experienced many positive changes in their webshop. Most significantly their conversion rate is now up by almost 60%, the bounce rate went down by more than a 1/3, and they experienced 22% less abandoned carts from the checkout.


Full image Fascwear

Living and Company - Tjarda van Brandwijk


Thema: Fusion designed by eFusion

Livingandcompany.com is the intangible result of a university project that got a life of its own. With a clear interest from the general public and growing number of orders, Tjarda had no choice but to open a webshop to cope with the success in a structured manner

At first they used the standard SEOshop theme but soon realized the importance of the mobile market and the existing demand for a responsive design. While they where in the process of choosing between having a custom responsive theme built or adapting an existing one, the Fusion theme was launched and the decision was made instantly. The beautiful theme provided them with the responsive features they required and also contained clear USP´s.

Since they took the leap to the responsive theme the business has profited enormously. The amount of page views is on average 27% higher (43% on mobile devices) and Living and the Company has also started attracting large orders from businesses which has been very beneficial for sales and the overall conversion rate.


Full image Living and Company

TuinPlantenWinkel.nl - Marc Neutkens


Thema: Blueprint Premium designed by Crivex

In order to expand his physical gardening shop online Mark Neutkens decided to open Tuinplantenwinkel.nl. Managing a webshop in this sector is"sport at the highest level" because the competition is cut throught.

Marc knew very well that"responsive design was a must in 2014 and that it would be unthinkable not to have one in 2015. Nowadays, customers are always online, on smartphones and tables. Because of these mobile devices, a responsive design is simply common sense. A webshop without a responsive design in 2015 does not have a future."

In his search for the perfect theme, Mark Neutkens chose the Blueprint Premium theme, mainly because of its responsive features but also because of the clear overview that suited his products that featured the stand alone photos of the plants very well.

Partially thanks to the responsive design Marc´s conversion rate is now more than twice bigger than the average webshops. Because the physical store and webshop are working in a tandem, Marc has also been getting regularly positive feedbacks from his customers.


Full image TuinPlantenWinkel.nl


We hope to have inspired you by showing how responsive design has supported these five businesses in their growth and brought them success. If the responsive design has had a large contribution to those results, it is not the only factor that contributed: a good design, a well defined marketing strategy and a unique business concept have also been key to the success of these webshops. 

If you would like to know more about the available responsive themes, or are looking for inspiration, visit the SEOshop Theme Store. The responsive themes are recognizable by the 'responsive' ribbon at the top right hand corner of the example. You can also search by the term 'responsive' in the search bar.

We would like to hear about your feedbacks, ideas and own designs in the comment section below. We thank all the participating merchants for their time and shared experiences

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