Platform update: domain name registration, variant costs, brands in offers

Platform update: domain name registration, variant costs, brands in offers

We want to keep our platform up-to-date, so that you can keep competing with the biggest of online stores. That’s why you can expect to see updates more and more often, both big and small. Interested to see what has changed with this update? Read everything about it below!

Domain name registration through SEOshop

An update that, perhaps, is mostly interesting to our new customers. As of now, you can register your domain name through SEOshop! This makes both the registration and linking of your domain name easier. You can register and link your domain name directly from your back office. This function is in beta for now and only available to demo shops.

You can request a domain name for your demo webshop under GENERAL > E-mails & domain names. Click on the green plus button to do so.


Put in the domain name that you want to register here and see if it’s still available. You will also see other domain names that are still available.

After that you can directly buy the domain name, after which it will be linked to your webshop immediately.

Note! This function is only available as a beta version for demo webshops at the moment.

Calculating costs for variants

For example, in some countries, such as Germany, it’s important to show the costs of packaging deposit. We’ve now made this possible for your SEOshop webshop.

It goes as follows. In the back office, under SETTINGS > Checkout & Payment methods, click on the ‘Additional costs’ icon.


After doing that, you can set up the additional costs.



After you finish setting up the costs, the following still needs to be added to the product.


The ‘brand’ field is now also visible in offers

On invoices, brands are automatically displayed in the title of the product. This was not the case yet with offers. We’ve now updated this so that these fields are the same for both invoices and offers. The field is automatically displayed in the product line.

Keep track of our blog for future platform updates!