October update: new domain names, international orders, API update

October update: new domain names, international orders, API update

In the past month we’ve improved many existing functions, thanks to your input through the ticket-system and the feature request tool. In this blogpost you will read everything about the most important improvements.

New domain names

We’ve added a few domain names, which means that you can now also link a com.br, co.za or a .ru domain to your webshop.

Orders in German or from Germany

Country flags that are displayed next to orders will now be displayed based on the shipping address instead of the language that your customer picked. Because of this improvement, e.g. Austrian or Swiss customers will no longer be marked with a German flag.


Blog images are displayed better

Some of our customers told us that the images on their blog were displayed too largely. This caused the images to not be shown inside of the blog’s framework. The size of images will now be automatically adjusted – in case this is needed – which solves this problem.

Adjusted translations for invoices

It’s been made possible to add adjusted translations in the template editor for invoices. By doing so you can adjust specific texts as you wish. This can be convenient when, for example, automatic translating to German doesn’t sound as good to your German customers.

Exporting large files

When you have large customer databases, exporting can take up a severe amount of time. We’ve now made this process faster for you.

For developers/partners: API update

We’ve updated our API with several resources (endpoints). Updating our API is crucial because it gives our merchants and partners more possibilities in connecting to external software. This means more automation (=saves time), new features (=expanding product) and thus more revenue possibilities. The APIs we launched recently include:

  • ProductAttributes: now able to manage the specifications of the products, which is convenient for POS/ERP system connections;
  • Discount: now able to create coupon codes via the API or able to add new coupons to a new checkout. Great for LoyaltyPrograms and POS/ERP connections;
  • Metafields: now able to manage metafields, which is needed for POS/ERP system connections;
  • ShopTracking: now able to automatically add a smart pixel to the thank-you page, necessary for retargeting/affiliate software to track your sales and optimize the campaigns;
  • Taxes: now able to create/manage tax rates via the API. This is necessary for international shops working with different tax rates;
  • Returns/credit invoice: now able to manage product returns, e.g. adding a return to a former order along with the credit invoice. Necessary for deeper connections with returns/shipping software;

It’s also possible to manage the stock of variants in bulk. This produces a great reduction in necessary calls, which is convenient for connections with fulfillment & order management software.

A few other APIs are still in dev-mode or are undergoing testing. So more APIs will follow soon.


  • Because of the Poodle leak, we ran a patch on our platform and API.
  • BillSafe-integration has been improved.
  • Order notifications – customers that deactivated notifications of new orders still kept receiving these e-mail sometimes. This is now fixed.
  • MultiSafepay – the connection problems with MultiSafepay Pay After Receiving are now fixed.
  • VAT-diversion – VAT will not be shown in VAT-diversion