January update: AfterPay improvements, partial credit note, SEOshop Payments

January update: AfterPay improvements, partial credit note, SEOshop Payments

In the update from last night, a lot of existing features were improved. In this blog post you can read all about the major changes.

AfterPay improvements

With Afterpay you can offer your customers the ability to order the product first and pay after delivery. SEOshop has long been affiliated with Afterpay and has now improved this integration. It was previously only possible to provide B2C transactions so that B2B companies could use this convenient integration. This has been radically changed, so that the integration is now available for B2C and B2B companies in the Netherlands. This will create additional opportunities for B2C companies. Afterpay can now also be used in combination with debit and can be used by Belgian Afterpay B2C companies.

If you want to use the new features, you can activate them in your back office under Settings> Checkout & Payment> Afterpay.

Credit notes email for partial credit

You could already send an email to your customer for a full credit of returned products, but now it is also possible for partial credits. This is useful when a customer only returned a part of the order instead of the full order. To make it easy, we have already written a standard text for you. This text allows you to adjust easily via SERVICE> Emails &> Order credit note. texts

Unsubscribe for SEOshop Payments

Despite the many advantages (e.g. VISA from 19 cents) do you no longer want to use SEOshop Payments? Then you can unsubscribe in the back office via Settings> Checkout and Payment> SEOshop Payments. You no longer need to notify us by email.

Checkout adapted to German law

The checkout process is optimized according to German standards. The optimizations are mainly related to the design of the checkout. In this way your shop again fully complies with the German regulations. As a Trusted Shops partner, SEOshop will continue to ensure that we follow the German regulations and optimize your German shop when necessary.

And further...

  • The redirect on the payment page is better organised. This makes it clear to your customers when they are redirected to an external payment service.
  • EAN codes now available in order overview. When you open a specific order, you will now see the corresponding EAN codes.
  • Address by DHL shipping label improved. House numbers were not displayed properly on the DHL shipping label. This is now fixed.
  • Overview orders improved. Long addresses are not displayed correctly. This is now fixed.
  • Invoice Calculation PayPal Express solved.