Update March: import and export redirects and more anti-spam measures

Update March: import and export redirects and more anti-spam measures

In the past two weeks we've been working hard on improving our platform. This has resulted in two handy new features and various modifications of existing features, that will ensure your online store is completely up to date again. Want to hear more about the chances? Read this blog post!

Importing and exporting redirects

When you switch over to SEOshop from a different platform, it's very important that youset up your redirects. If you have many pages, it will be a tough job setting up those redirects manually. That's why it's now possible to import and export those redirects. It will safe you lots of time when you want to switch over to SEOshop!

Anti-spam measures in your contact form

Akismet is a well-known anti-spam tool that we've been using to protect your blog from spam. Now, this tool is also available for your contact form, so you will receive no - or at least less - spam from those annoying spammers.

Anonymisation of IP addresses in Google Analytics

In Germany the legislation for data collection is a lot stricter than in other European countries. That's why the anonymisation of IP addresses is very important, as you can read here. When you've set your legal mode to 'Strict', the anonymisation of IP addresses will be set by default.

Company delivery address in export orders

The export sheet for orders already contained a lot of valuable information for your administration, but one thing that was missing was the name of the company where the goods would be delivered. That's why we've added this field to the export orders sheet.

API update

The following changes have been made to our API (relevant to developers):

  • Variant: allow modification of  the unit price and the unit for product variants.
  • ProductImage webhook: when a product image is added, updated, or deleted, we will fire a webhook so you'll be notified of this action.

But there's more...

During each monthly update we aim to improve some of our existing features as well. Here you'll find a list of our hot fixes.

  • The delivery date is again based on your stock levels.
  • AfterPay works properly again.
  • The validation of VAT numbers works again.
  • Filters are again available in the search results.
  • The export sheet shows the minimum and maximum order quantity of your product.
  • New CSS classes have been added to improve the way that products are being shown.

Store Update


175x175x2€2,95 / month (until 1st of  may, after that €3,95 / month)

Zopim is webshop chat software with which your visitors can easily ask questions. This removes contact barriers and has the potential to boosts your conversion rate.

Adwords Robot

175x175x2€199,- / month for the first 3 months, afterwards  €249,- / month

AdWords Robot takes care of the Google Adwords of your webshop. Reach your maximum Adwords revenue with the advanced technology of Adwords Robot. More sales is all that counts.

The Feedback Company

175x175x2Variable price

The standard integration between The Feedback Company and SEOshop will be terminated mid April 2015. All current users are required to install the free app. Advantages of the new app: product reviews stimulations, multilingual and compatible with other API apps.

Asperion koppeling

175x175x2€9,50 / month

With this connector you can automatically create invoice in Asperion for orders in your SEOshop webshop. This app exchanges the following information between SEOshop and Asperion: customer information from orders, order details and descriptions, VAT values and payment method.

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