Great product photos in four steps

Great product photos in four steps

Do you take your own product photos but would you like to improve their quality? SEOshop partner Remove the Background shows you how you can how you can set up your own photo studio and how to set up your camera equipment. Follow these four steps and start stunning product photos, even if they have a low budget.

Step 1. Set-up a photo studio

Setting up a good photo studio is the first step in order to be able to take good product photos. The most common technique used for setting up photo studio this is called 'the window light technique'. This technique takes advantage of natural day light for an even distribution of light on your products. The set-up is suitable for taking photos of a wide range of products such as clothing, footwear, accessories, jewellery, and much more!

This is what is needed:


And this is how to set it up:


In order to set up your photo studio start by positioning your foldable table near the window. The goal goal is to have even, natural light on your products but you don't want direct sunlight to hit your set. Remember to allow yourself enough room to move around the table in order to style and shoot your product once the backdrop is set up.

Step 2. Placing the product

Before placing your product on the white background sweep, make sure to clean and prepare your products before you photograph it. If you are photographing jewelry, make sure to clean and shine all your chains and gems. If you are photographing footwear, make sure to brush, shine or clean off any dust or scuff marks.


The next step is to place your product in the middle of your backdrop and directly in front of where the camera will be placed. For many products such as shoes, jewellery or gadgets it's important to photograph them from many different angles. Make sure you can rotate you products easily without having to move the tripod.

Step 3. Perfect the lighting

Depending on your light that enters the room and the colour of your product, it may be necessary to add extra ‘fill light’ to create even lighting on each side of the product. The larger the light source the more light on your subject.

Below, without (left) and with (right) a 'fill light'


It is especially important to add a fill light when photographing dark coloured products in order to properly show the texture and details.

A fill light can be built from a small piece of foam core board and can be place in a vertical position using a roll of duct tape. You can get creative with what you use for the prop. The important things are that your foam board stands straight, is positioned opposite to the window and is the same size as your subject or larger. When set up, the light coming through the window will bounce off the bright white board and ‘fill’ the shadows on the left (darker) side of the shoe.  As you can see in my images above, the bounced light fills in the back and side of the shoe nicely allowing for detail to be present.

Step 4. Placing the Camera & Tripod

Extend the legs of your tripod and adjust it until the top of the tripod is levelled with the surface of the table. Make sure your tripod is level because it will be easier to adjust your camera when it is attached. Now, attach the camera to the screws or clip on your tripod. 


DO: add extra free space on the bottom and top      DONT: too tight around product

Once your camera is secure, start playing with the position of the tripod by looking through the viewfinder on your camera while directing it at the products. The product is to fill the frame of your camera, but make sure to leave extra space around your subject, so you have room in the image. You may need to raise the neck of the tripod, to ensure the best possible view of your product from top to bottom. If you feel like you’re too close or too far away, try utilizing your the camera´s zoom feature on the lens.

The Result



If you are still not happy with your product photos use the Remove the Background app in the SEOshop App Store to make your product photos autonomous or remove the background. In the user friendly dashboard SEOshop merchants to select and submit the product images they want to be edited and will receive the edited images within 24 hours for only €1,25 per image. After the the edited product images have been approved the edited image it will automatically replace the old image in the webshop.

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Remove the Background is the SEOshop expert partner in the field of optimizing product photos. On their blog, Remove The Background provides large amounts of tips and tricks especially for webshop owners, on how they can them improve their product images.

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