From Visitor to Customer to Brand Ambassador, with 10 Magnificent Ecommerce Apps

From Visitor to Customer to Brand Ambassador, with 10 Magnificent Ecommerce Apps

Visitors are good, customers are great and ambassadors are excellent,. But how do you turn visitors into brand ambassadors, without spending too much time? Luckily for SEOshop merchants, we have a series of e-commerce apps in the SEOshop App Store that can aid in speeding up this process, make it more manageable and less time-consuming by 1) driving traffic 2) optimizing conversion and 3) improving customer retention. This blog is a definite must-read for any multichannel retailer, so take some time to go through it, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them.

1. Traffic

The first step for any webshop is to start generating traffic. This means getting visitors to your site and getting them to look at different pages in your webshop. This is what will initially get the word of mouth for your webshop going. Even for webshops that are in more advanced stages it continues to be very important to continuously generate new traffic.

Traffic Channels

When generating traffic gaining exposure plays an important factor. Make sure you are visible on local and international search and price comparison sites.



Koongo gives merchants access to over 500 worldwide affiliate, price comparison websites and marketplaces. Placing your inventory on these websites generates a huge amount of exposure and Koongo makes it easy for you to manage these processes. It will grow your traffic like nothing else would.


Channable Basic

With Channable you can connect your SEOshop webstore with search and price comparison sites, affiliates and marketplaces. Manage 10 channels and 5000 products with Channable Basic and 100 channels and 25000 products with Channable Plus. Start now and give your traffic a boost.


Product Reviews

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful tools in marketing for eCommerce websites.For"online word of mouth", product reviews have proven an effective solution. With shareable product reviews you can gain new visitors to your site, next to winning trust - which increases conversion again.



Yotpo is the tool for generating product reviews. It is an innovative piece of software that automatically generates product reviews by sending post purchase emails asking for a review; the review can be given within the mail. Yotpo typically converts 6-10% of emails into product reviews. Yotpo Reviews can easily be shared through the client's social channels, which increases your traffic. Get those product reviews and increase your traffic.



Review sharing

2. Conversion Optimization

A webshops conversion rate is the percentage of total visitors that actually end up purchasing. Research has shown that these percentages tend to be low, 2% is considered successful, according to Dave Chaffey (Internet Guru). Webshops tend to get a lot of traffic but it is easier for visitors to close the webshop and continue browsing elsewhere. For this reason there is much to gain through conversion optimization.

Offline conversion

If you compare your conversion of 2% with your offline conversion, you will probably be shocked. Estimates for offline conversion range from 20-40%. Would it not be interesting to drive a part of your online traffic to your offline retailers?



With the Storemapper app you can add a dealer or store location to your webshop. This plugin drives your online customer into your offline establishments, by showing your retail locations on a map in your webstore. One of the features that Storemapper is currently developing is"geo-targeted coupons". These are discount coupons that are triggered when customers are near a retailer. Optimize offline conversion rates with StoreMapper.


Offering coupon incentives and target exiting customers

A website that manages a 2% conversion rate is considered “successful”. This still means 98% of your visitors do not buy anything. Wouldn't it be great if you could retain a share and stay in touch with them?

It is estimated that 30% of visitors bounce, which leaves 68% of visitors left to convert into customers. A highly effective method of reaching out to these visitors has become so called “exit offers”. These are coupons that pop-up when a visitor is inactive or closes the tab.



Justuno is specialized software that draws the attention of visitors at times when they want to leave by presenting them with a discount coupon. They only get the coupon when they sign up to your social media pages or subscribe to the email newsletter. Justuno is a “two birds with one stone” concept. You expand your social media/newsletter following and at the same time increase your conversion rates.




VeChat is an application that activates if a customer decides to leave during their session. The application attempts to keep them on your site by delivering a marketing message. This way VeChat attempts to retain visitors and convert them into customers. Maintain visitors on your site and increase your conversion rate.


Tackle cart abandonment

Nothing is more painstaking than a visitor looking around your store, assembling a shopping basket and then just leaving without spending a penny.

Many experts have looked into visitors abandoning their cart before checkout and estimate 60-80% of carts are abandoned, according to Trustpilot. Luckily for merchants, cart abandonment does not mean lost customers. They might still be convinced to complete their purchase, if the right actions are taken. Specialized software has been developed to re-engage with these visitors and get then back to the checkout.



The MyAbandonedCart app automatically sends an email reminder to visitors that abandoned their cart. It invites them to finish their purchase and in this way converts abandoned carts into real orders.

MyAbandonedCart recovers more than €75,000/month for SEOshop merchants.Try it now!

Live Chat

Consumers have questions and want to get an answer quickly. If they don’t get an answer they will just move on. Studies have shown that an instant channel of communication converts more leads and reduces customer support costs. A live chat feature provides the solution.



Userlike is a live chat software with which you can increase your conversion rate by up to 20% and create happy long term customers. You will be able to chat with potential customers in your webstore and the widget is placed automatically without a single line of coding. With this widget you won’t miss any more sales due to unanswered questions.


3. Retention

A classical marketing saying is that “it is 5 times more expensive to acquire a customer than to retain a customer”. Reward loyal customers and turn them into ambassadors for your brand.

Email marketing campaign

A webstore can use email marketing to inform its customers or market to them. These apps can help.



INinbox is an affordable and user-friendly email system from where you can send all your marketing emails. It allows merchants to create segmentation criteria based on order and customer data in a specific list and design your email campaigns in more focused and concentrated manners. The app automates many processes, leaving you with more time for your core business: focus on marketing messages. Stay in touch with your clients and obtain recurring sales through email marketing.

Loyalty Programs

It has been have shown that regular relevant incentives have a positive effect on brand loyalty. Offering the targeted audience relevant content means that, once they have bought into this dialogue you can nurture the relationship in order to pave the road to them becoming a brand ambassador.



With LoyaltyLion you can easily start your own social loyalty program. You can reward customers for purchases, account creation, visits and referring friends. You decide what you want to reward and what you want to reward it with. This will enable you to quickly build a social media audience, increase visitors and ultimately build loyal customers.


Winter is coming...

The winter holiday season is about to kick off where many merchants make 30% of their yearly revenue. The above apps can that your webstore is ready to handle the additional orders but also that it is optimized to retain customers and boost conversion rates. Feel free to our whitepaper with 201 tips for the holidays.