February update: discover how you can make your shop more secure

February update: discover how you can make your shop more secure

In this first platform update for February we’ve made some additional safety improvements, so your customers will gain even more confidence in your shop. Read what's changed in this blog post.

Difficult passwords for your customers

Safety in your shop is of course extremely important! Therefore, you can now ensure that your customers can only choose a difficult and thus more secure password. You can set the difficulty level under GENERAL> Settings> Advanced> Account & Service. The difficulty level defaults to Normal.

More options for the cookie toolbar

The cookie toolbar now gives you more options. Previously your visitors had to accept cookie enabled tracking software like Google Analytics and Clicky. Now you can also use the cookie toolbar to inform your visitors about the use of this tracking software. So, you do not lose any Google Analytics tracking results.


Now supports PayPal Seller Protection

PayPal Seller Protection is a guarantee that you as a PayPal merchant get your money, even if the consumer does not fulfill its payment obligation. This extra protection is now available in your SEOshop shopping cart.

Show your delivery times in the shopping cart

It is now possible to display your delivery times in the shopping cart of your shop. You can easily set these delivery times at the product level. This way, your customers are better informed.

And more....

  • MultiSafePay “Pay After Receiving” now also supports IBAN.
  • The number of redirects that you can set is now increased to 25,000.
  • You can also set the tax rate to zero.
  • You will also see when apps from the App Store are removed. These apps are removed at the end of the billing period.

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