An online ladies’ fashion store with women’s empowerment as its goal

An online ladies’ fashion store with women’s empowerment as its goal

Clothing that covers the skin can also be extremely feminine and charming, something the ladies behind Nesci prove better than anyone. A month and a half ago, they opened an online store through SEOshop, attracting the attention of Metro and RTL Boulevard, due to their innovative ideas on women’s fashion. We interviewed Zineb Youcef, Head of Design at Nesci.

The immediate cause for starting an online store

A year and a half ago, the idea for Nesci, derived from the English term necessity, arose from personal frustration. “We see a trend in which clothing must be increasingly shorter and covering less; a trend of hot tops and hot pants. This, however, is not suitable for everyone. A year and a half ago Enaam’s sister, who lives in the UK, came to the Netherlands and of course she wanted to go shopping. The result being, that we spent entire afternoons at Starbucks, because we could not find anything matching her figure and principles. Enaam then suggested manufacturing and selling fitting garments ourselves. That ultimately became Nesci.”

Enaam Ahmed Ali, Zineb and Kaouther Youcef / source: Metro

Zineb seized this opportunity with both hands. Although she was still busy studying law, she decided to learn everything about clothing design. Kaouther and Enaam also did not have any experience with the fashion industry. “In that year, we spoke to everyone who could help us with setting up the company, from suppliers to well-known designers such as Gary Seymour. We learned a lot from that.”

Online store launch

On April 21st, the soft launch of the online store took place; followed a month later by the actual launch, supported by a large group of bloggers. Did success subsequently fall into their lap? “There’s no short road here, which I can assure you! We brought in our entire network to make the launch successful. A press release was then sent to regional media, after which national media also devoted attention. National media often adopt local media reports. We ultimately ended up in Metro. After our report became the most liked and shared of the month, RTL Boulevard also saw it and decided to feature us in their show.”


How did you ultimately end up at SEOshop? “We conducted a lot of online research and saw that SEOshop had everything we needed. It is affordable, fast and we have a cute account manager. In addition, response is always quick. Enaam spent a lot of time researching the appropriate online store software. .”

An online store for all women

Women that want to dress themselves fashionably and elegantly – without baring too much – succeed with Nesci. “Besides North-African and Eastern women, Dutch women in particular shop with us currently, which actually makes sense. We sell elegant and sophisticated clothing that covers the skin and is slightly wider at the hips, which makes our collection very suitable for work or special occasions, also for Dutch women.”

“Now we start noticing our success and frequently travel to Paris, Londen, Lithuania and so on. We do not possess sufficient resources yet to make a living from it, but that is something I think you should not expect. We immediately invest all the money we earn back into our company. It is the only way to keep growing!”

Besides the online store, Zineb also works as a legal counsel at CNV, a Dutch labor union, thus keeping her working weeks well filled. In addition to Nesci, Enaam works a strategist for Strategie Makers. Kaouther studies psychology and pedagogics. Fortunately, the three entrepreneurs are backed by a large group of volunteers, who believe in the company’s philosophy and assist in promoting the online store.

Promoting the online store

A great deal of attention is devoted to content production to promote the online store. “We write a lot of content ourselves. One of the themes is Styling Tuesday, in which we provide styling tips through our blog. In addition, we see to promotion on social media and have many bloggers writing for us. Quite often, they are friends of ours. Furthermore, we have a substantial number of followers on Instagram and Facebook. They were literally waiting for us, and clearly made that known through social media in the build-up to the launch.”

How do you select bloggers? “You have to take a close look at the blogger type. Who is she and where does she come from? Does she work or study? If there is a match, you approach the blogger in question. For that matter, we also notice that people behave very differently on Facebook, compared to Instagram. On Instagram, many photos are shared, whereas Facebook is more about qualitative reports and making people think critically. In that respect, Instagram is much more light-hearted.”

What exactly does Nesci want to radiate? “Nesci is much more than just an online store with women’s clothing, it is a lifestyle brand. What matters, is that women become aware that they may be proud to be seen, that they are allowed to be themselves and should not allow society to limit them.” In that sense, you actually are the connecting factor between native and immigrant women. Is it a political statement after all? “We deliberately choose to not take a position; however, I cannot deny that I find it a very interesting philosophical thought to unite women this way.”

In five years from now, Nesci hopes to expand to 15 countries, with 10 stores per country. This month, they are our Online Store of the Month. Congratulations and lots of success!

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Bertram Welink is Content & Communications Manager at SEOshop. In the past, he worked in Dublin for Google and Yahoo! among others, but currently resides in the Netherlands again for some time now. Bertram writes about entrepreneurship, e-commerce and online marketing and organizes monthly webinars in collaboration with SEOshop partners.



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