A Showcase of Merchants That Use Our eCosystem’s Beautifully Designed Themes: Part 4

A Showcase of Merchants That Use Our eCosystem’s Beautifully Designed Themes: Part 4

Earlier we presented Part 3  of the series"A Showcase of Merchants That Use Our eCosystem’s Beautifully Designed Themes". In this series various SEOshop merchants were put in the spotlights due to their obtained successes, largely thanks to the design of their webstore. In  part 4 we take another look behind the scenes of four unique webstores that use our (responsive) themes. Here you will be able to see how different themes have been applied and might be a source of inspiration for you. Feel free to share your feedback in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

Frikingtshirts.nl - John Calderón


Theme: The Bridge Responsive Brothers Media

Where most people see a t-shirt, Friking sees a fashion label. Friking is a Spanish fashion label which is made up of a small team that is full of passion for original and unique designs. Family and work are one here. So a siesta? No way! At Friking they work very hard. Everything is done by the employees themselves, from start to finish: design, production, distribution and sales. At the moment Friking has more than 30 stores and since 2014 also an online store. Friking is active throughout the whole of Europe and the long term goal is to open a physical store in every mayor city of Europe. So what's their formula for success? Passion for something you believe in!"we don't have limits. We wont stop until we achieve our goal", according to the owner.

When someone buys a Friking product, they chose for a responsible and affordable product produced 100% in Europe. The company introduces new products and designs every week. One week it´s a cool t-shirt, the next week a hip iPad sleeve. Anything is possible

John was looking for a professional webstore that could be established quickly. A partner in online communication suggested SEOshop and since John has been a SEOshop merchant. SEOshop offerers the international recognition that Friking was looking for in a webstore service provider."Another reason for making the choice for SEOshop is the easy to use backoffice that anyone can use", according to John. Though their webstore Friking mainly focuses on international sales of the franchise in Europe and promoting their products."this is a point of sales for the end consumer and a catalogue for retailers".

John chose the The bridge Responsive theme, designed by Brothers Media, because he was looking for a design that is accessible. Thanks to is responsive design this was easy to accomplish. Another huge advantage, according to John, is the fact that it is easy to use and almost all features can be personalized. "for sales this themes is ideal because a lot of attention is drawn to the products". According to John it is a quiet theme that gives exactly the right focus on products and presents the company in the right way.

After activating the The Bridge Responsive themes on their webstore their conversion rate has risen steeply."A responsive design - in this day and age - is no longer an option, but rather a must. This theme is a responsive design for all devices", as John tells us.

Thanks to an inhouse team of graphic designers Friking has managed to make a unique and modern design."but great is not good enough", John tells us, "Everything needs to be perfect! Since a couple of months a communications agency is working together with our graphic designers to build a new responsive webstore, that will be launched in a near future on the SEOshop platform. This is also an example of the endless possibilities that SEOshop offers"

Besides the responsive design Friking also thank their success to their usage of social media. "Social media is out playground! Our target audience is constantly using social media and for this reason it is easy for us to gather social media followers. We monitor trends and innovations that we can adapt quickly due to our own production"

Are there any tips for other merchants?"If you don't have much experience in the world of graphic design ask for advice. A professional webstore doesn´t need to be expensive. People are visually oriented, so with a few minor adjustments and a new design you can portray your message".

Meditatietools.nl - Peter Rigtering


Theme: SEOmatic designed by Ooseoo

Two years ago Peter and his wife were involved in an accident. As a result they could no longer continue their day time jobs. The couple decided to sell their house and start from scratch. What makes a webstore ideal, is that they can decide their own working hours and manage it from anywhere on the globe. 

The couple went looking for a way to make a living in a passive way, they chose to open a webstore. This entrepreneurship turned out to be a huge success and they now only focus on the things they are good at, the rest is outsourced. Hiring experts, without having to contract them, gives room to breathe and look for new, unique and innovative products.

After a year on another platform they quickly stumbled upon limitations and went searching for an ambitious party that had a good feel for the changes, innovations and needs of the market. They ended up at SEOshop and are very satisfied with their choice on a daily basis

Peter and his wife chose for the SEOmatic Theme, because it allowed them to create a clear and modern webstore that was optimized for search engines. They contacted to builders of the theme, SEOshop partner OOSEOO, to optimize the design for their webstore. they have build their webstore in such a way that it is optimized for the most important keywords and categories. Customers also get a clear and well organized webstore that radiates the right atmosphere.

Even though Peter hasn't been using this theme too long yet the successes are already visible according to Peter."We get compliments from our customers on a daily basis about the design of our websore". Peter thinks that the professional look is also a reason why they are also receiving more orders from businesses.

The advice that Peter gives to other merchants is:"don't save money on design. Start using the services of designers and theme builders that know their way around the SEOshop platform and let them support u. Be brave! Also do keyword research and integrate this into your design. The investment will pay for themselves in no time"

Dekbed-discounter.nl - Koen van der Wal


Theme: Delta designed by eFusion

€50 for a duvet?"That´s way to expensive" is what Koen van der Wal, founder of  dekbed-discounter.nl, said. He was convinced that he could offer the same quality for a much better price. This idea turned out to be a hugely successful webstore.

Dekbed-discounter differentiates itself through great quality products for a very good price. This combination is possible due to years of experience in the area of"day-deals" webstores. Koen adds to this that his aim is to excel in the area of customer service. This is reflected in his Trustpilot reviews. Also the fact that stock and shipping is in the hands of a professional third party is a huge advantage."this way we can guarantee super fast delivery and mistakes are reduced to a minimum", according to Koen. 

In the hunt for a webstore solution that allowed him to be independent of of a webdeveloper Koen ended up at SEOshop."it is a very comforting though that with SEOshop we adjust everything ourselves". The Delta theme was build with a modern layout which makes the products the centre of attention. Also in the area of offers the Delta theme offers many possibilities. Koen says the following about it:"The theme really drew our attention because it uses large images. With duvets it is very important because these use usually offer large high quality images. People tend to chose based on visual information" 

the customers of dekbed-discounter are also very enthusiastic about the design, on a regular basis Koen receives compliments about the looks of his webstore. Koen tells us"it looks great and that makes the site very clear. this is mainly due to the high quality digital images, but also because of the great layout. With the Delta theme it was very clear by default, but in the end we decided to make a few more adjustments to make it perfect for our customers".

Because the knowledge for these webstore design was already internally present, this all went pretty easy. In other areas where the company had less experience the company has used made clever use of the SEOshop App Store. Justuno, MailChimp and LoyaltyLion make huge contributions to to optimizing conversion rates, social media reach and turnover."These apps are certainly worth the investment" according to Koen.

In the last place Koen has a few tips for other merchants:"adapt your design to your concept. Make sure you have good communications and don't make it too complicated. this may sound very logical but we see people make these mistakes on a daily basis. A webstore with only the cheapest products does not need a luxury and professional design and vice versa. this will only hinder you. Also ensure that everything is clear; how can someone order? what is the delivery time? what are the shipping costs?"

MyTabletCover.nl - Wouter van den Berg


Theme: Conform designed by SEOshop

some merchants have a"Eureka!" moment, others are born with it, as was Wouter founder of MyTabletCover.nl. Nine years ago Wouter started selling mobile phone accessories on eBay and Marktplaats. Soon he started his first webstore and since last year also his second. Focused on the nice market of tablet accessories.

This second store, MyTabletCover.nl, offers high quality and affordable tablet accessories. Due to years of industry experience and strong relations with suppliers, Wouter tends to have the newest accessories in no time, sometimes even before the tablet is available in the Netherlands. They offer free shipping, fast delivery and maybe more important, a personal service and customer friendly after-sales

For Wouter making the choice for SEOshop was a question of common sense."I was looking for a webstore host that offered many possibilities in terms of design and at the same time is not expensive in maintenance. When you have many orders on a daily basis, an easy to use management system becomes very important", according to Wouter

Because MyTabletCover.nl sells tables accessories, a responsive design was a must, in order to display the webstore correctly on smaller screens such as tablets and smartphones. The choice was made for the Conform theme. This responsive theme looks great on on every screen size; from desktop to laptop, tablets and smartphones. Because the is clear and well organized, the attention is drawn to the products. The focus is on is placed on the product photos and product information. This way the customers are not distracted by excessive information. Also the customers of MyTabletcover.nl are impressed by the webstores design. Wouter tells us that he has received many positive relations with regards to the design and the ease with which orders can be placed 

to conclude Wouter has a few tips for other merchants:"There is no blueprint for success. Everyone should build a webstore to their own taste. Every product or target audience requires a different design. Make everything clear and organized".


We hope that you have read the fourth showcase with much joy and be honest, good designs make a webstore much more attractive for customers (and that is what it is about, right?). A final tip from us is: take your time to choose a design, and be open to advice from experts and your environment. If you would like to know more about the available themes of if you are looking for inspiration please visit our Theme Store.

We would love to hear your ideas, feedback and own designs in our comment section below. We enjoy learning from each other. We thank the participating webstores for their time and knowledge.