4 responsive themes that increase mobile conversion

4 responsive themes that increase mobile conversion

Since the start of 2015 new themes in the SEOshop Theme Store must be responsive. Responsive design ensures that a webshop is displayed optimally on every device, from desktop to mobile. Webshops that use a responsive design are labelled as 'mobile friendly' in Google and will be given a higher page rank than non-responsive webshops.

In this blog post we show you four beautifully designed webshop that use responsive designs. We will show you how these four different responsive themes that have been applied and how they contributed to the webshops success.

KLBR22 - Muriëlle Snel


Theme: Delta Responsive designed by eFusion

In the past Muriëlle bought unique worn out industrial items, fixed them them and sold them again through on-line market places. When her business starting picking up she opened her own webshop, KLBR22 was born.

For the design of her webshop Muriëlle was looking for a theme where her shop would be displayed professionally and the full product descriptions would be visible in one location. She chose the Delta Responsive theme because of the full responsive functionalities, the open layout, the drop down menu and the blog preview function on the homepage.

The new design hasn't been on-line for very long but Muriëlle has already received 'dozens of positive reactions' with regards to her new design. The statistics have show that the number of visitors via smartphones has risen by 21% resulting in an increase in average number of page-views and a 14% longer session duration compared to the old non-responsive design. 'The conversion rate of my webshop is almost 30% higher than when we did not use a responsive theme' according to Muriële.


Full image klbr22

Leatherbelove.com - Job Pulles


Theme: DG Responsive designed by DG Solutions

For years Job has been working in the production of luxury belts. Since a couple of years Job has been seeing the demand for these products grow steadily until a year ago he decided it was time to open his own webshop: leatherbelove.com. He built a beautiful webshop which radiates his passion and love for leather. The result, a webshop with a wide range of luxury leather products all crafted in The Netherlands.

For the design of the webshop Job chose the DG Responsive theme because it suited perfectly with the visual design plan that Job had made of the webshop and functionalities. Job started editing the theme in the template editor and comments on this 'when you are good with html coding you can adapt the template quiet easily to your likings'.

'Responsive design is a 'must' for anyone who wants to achieve optimal results from their webshop'. Thanks to the responsive design more than 36% of all traffic now comes from mobile but purchases on mobile devices has not increased significantly. Job thinks that this is because his products are 'high end' and consumers are less likely to buy it on their way home from work. Rather they will tend to return to the webshop on a PC once they are home and buy from there. In the long term Job is expecting the turnover from the responsive design to increase considerably.


Full Image Leatherbelove

www.stillsundays.nl - Yvette van Bommel


Thema: Flat Responsive designed by SEOshop

"Creating a peaceful and playful overview for the whole family" was the thought that inspired Yvette to set up stillsundays.nl. The main goal was to offer products that would give children aged between 4 to 9 an overview of family events. Currently, they are only sold on their own webshop but will also be available soon in retail outlets and other webshops.

For Yvette, the Flat Responsive theme is by far the most contemporary theme currently in the theme store. Not only did it possess a much needed responsive design but it also looks very 'modern and clean' which adds additional value to the products.

When Yvette discovered the Flat Responsive theme, she took matters in her own hands to adapt the design for her own webshop. She believes that her creative spirit and experience with coding had helped her enormously to achieve the evident results.

Since Yvette has been using the Flat Responsive theme, she increased her conversion rate by 16%. Other benefits of the new theme is that the average order value is also 12% higher and customers tend to have a 21% longer session duration.


Full image stillsundays.nl

TOV Essentials - Mariëtte Dijk


Theme: conform designed by SEOshop

Online is the future for TOV Essentials! Besides the high street locations throughout the whole of Europe TOV Essentials needed a solution to give its customers an on-line brand experience 

TOV Essentials knew that they needed a responsive design because they noticed a growing trend in visitors from mobile devices. In order to display the webshop optimally they chose the Conform theme because of the clear overview and contemporary lay-out. The theme was adapted quickly to suit the TOV Essentials look. They also got in touch with YellowLab for some design adjustments.

choosing a responsive design turned out to be a great succes. It needed a couple of weeks to get going but eventually the amount of orders from mobile devices would tripple. TOV Essential is also noticing that the responsive design is generating customer trust because the average order value is now 20% higher compared to a couple of months ago.


Voledige afbeelding TOV Essentials


We hope that we managed to spark your interest with this this blog post about the essence of responsive design. As you have been able to see a well designed webshop with a responsive design is one of the most important factors for the success of your webshop.  For that reason we have a last tip for you: when choosing a responsive design we advise you to take your time when choosing a suitable design. If necessary you can get in touch with one of the SEOshop experts.

If you would like to know more about the available responsive themes, or looking for inspiration, visit our Theme Store. The responsive themes are recognizable by the 'responsive' ribbon in the top right hand corner of the example, or you can search the term 'responsive' in the search bar

We would like to see your feedback,  ideas and own designs in the comment section below. We thank all the participating merchants for their time and shared experiences


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