201 marketing and e-commerce tips that will boost your sales during the holidays

201 marketing and e-commerce tips that will boost your sales during the holidays

The holidays are coming and it's important to start your preparations for these busy days. Did you know that merchants can earn up to 30% of their yearly online revenue during these days? To give you a head start in your holiday sales, we've collected the top 201 marketing and e-commerce tips for the holidays and put them together in a whitepaper.

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Holiday tip 1: Create a “Coming Soon” page

Provide your visitors with previews and generate curiosity. This is a particularly good method for early-bird shoppers who already look for holiday gifts two months before Christmas.

Holiday tip 2: Create extra exposure for your promotions on deal websites

When offering discounts and coupons use external websites to get more exposure. Think of deals websites like slickdeals and fatwallet or coupon websites like RetailMeNot.

Holiday tip 3: Offer discounts to your social media followers

Post a discount code or a link for free shipping. Make your offer available for a limited-time to get more response! Play with discounts for followers only and shareable discounts for everybody.

Holiday tip 4: Offer a higher discount in the final banners of your product retargeting campaign

To persuade visitors who have not yet been converted. For example if somebody didn’t click on your first five retargeting banners, offer them a higher discount on the sixth and subsequent showing banners. Make sure you have a different landings page as well while showing this offer.

Holiday tip 5: Automate showing different ads during the holidays

Use automated rules to do so. You could for example show specific ads during a certain timeframe followed by another ad for the next timeframe. E.g. increase your discount for each timeframe.

Holiday tip 6: Send a text message to your customers

If you have many mobile phone numbers in your database, you can send them a text message with a special coupon code. Make sure you obtain permission to do so first.

Holiday tip 7: Stimulate social sharing on your Thank You page

Offer your customers a coupon if they share their purchase with their friends, family and followers (FFF) on one of their social media profiles. This will increase your social media reach.

Holiday tip 8: Do something fun with standard messages

Turn the “Do you accept cookies?” button into one resembling Christmas cookies or add a holiday greeting in your email signature.

Holiday tip 9: Create a special postcard/gift card in your design

Include a card in your own design inside the shipping box, featuring your logo and colour scheme. If you have time, add a hand-written note with a discount code and/or best wishes on the card. It makes customers feel good and it increases their loyalty.

Holiday tip 10: Create a distinct holiday category for your online shop

Such as “Christmas gift ideas” or “special Christmas offers” and add all the products you are promoting during the holidays. Include holiday-relevant key phrases in your holiday category and product pages.

Holiday tip 11: Offer the option to send a gift

Allowing customers to send gifts to their loved ones and friends. Ensure there is no packing slip or bill in the packet you send.

Holiday tip 12: Offer a gift wrapping option

Your customers get the chance to receive products in gift wrapping paper, for example Christmas paper or New Year’s paper, which saves them time.

Holiday tip 13: Let your customers know where to reach you

Let them know where they can expect the quickest response, for example, through email, social media, chat or phone. Make sure that all used channels are easy to monitor, to ensure that your customers will get a quick response, even during the holidays.

Holiday tip 14: Grant customers early access to sale and discount

By doing so you offer them extra service, which will make them feel special.

Holiday tip 15: Offer the option to create wish lists in customer accounts

This way you will exactly know what kind of products they are interested in for the holidays. By offering discounts on these specific products, you can persuade them to buy.

Holiday tip 16: Reach out to abandoned carts

Of filled online carts, 60-80% goes to waste. Send these visitors an email reminding them of their abandoned cart, or use retargeting showing these products. This way you will provide your abandoned carts with the opportunity to yet turn into real orders.

Holiday tip 17: Follow-up after a purchase

Do not stop with sending emails after a purchase. Try to convince customers to come back to your site, by sending them offers related to their last or previous purchase(s).

Holiday tip 18: Inform offline customers of the possibility to buy online

When you're on a holiday yourself, tell offline customers that they can buy online and that you will ship orders immediately when you return (informing them that they will be the first to get their products).

Holiday tip 19: Demote but do not delete holiday pages after the holidays

Use the same target pages every year, so you do not have to start all over again. Make sure your holiday pages aren’t visible for users anymore, but keep them linked from somewhere, for example in your HTML sitemap.

Holiday tip 20: Connect your physical store and your online store

Add a coupon code to your cash register receipts to stimulate people to buy in your online store.

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